Setting Boundaries: A Guide for Legal PAs

Legal Personal Assistants are a unique group of professionals, who not only possess great knowledge and skills but are often recognised as going above and beyond to support their bosses and teams. Legal PAs are often recognised for their knowledge and specialist skills within the law firm. But more than this, they are often also seen as the problem solver, the support and the fixer. Amid all of this demanding work, it’s easy to forget about oneself and eventually burn out.

That’s why setting boundaries is not just a nice-to-have, but an absolute must. It’s the key to preserving your well-being, maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and ultimately thriving in your career.

Is Leasehold Legal Estate in Land to be Abolished?

The only realistic answer to this is, “Maybe, maybe not!”

Those of you who have studied Land Law through ILSPA will be familiar with legal estates in land – freehold, leasehold and commonhold. Recently, Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for ‘Levelling Up, Housing and Communities’, categorically stated that: “The outdated feudal leasehold system in England and Wales, must be abolished – it needs to go and needs to be replaced by a better system”. The better system, for all intents and purposes being commonhold.

An Interview with ILSPA Graduate and Solicitor Apprentice - Melinda Toth

The opportunities available to Legal Secretaries are ever-increasing. We spoke to Melinda Toth who secured a Solicitor Apprenticeship with her firm while working as a Legal Secretary in their Pensions, Incentives and Corporate Tax team.

Regular readers of ILSPA’s Legal Secretary Journal may remember Melinda from a previous article where she talked about her first role as a Legal Secretary after completing the Legal Secretaries Diploma Course with us in 2018. It is wonderful to hear how her career has progressed and see how far she has come since we were last in touch.   

Can you remind us about how you originally entered the legal profession?

The Importance of Keeping Your CV Updated

Whether you are newly qualified and looking for your first role in the sector, or an experienced Legal Secretary on the hunt for your next position, creating a bespoke CV that matches the job advert, is the best route for advancing to the interview stage. In a competitive job market, it’s more important than ever to curate a stand-out CV to catch the recruiters’ eye. So, you may ask yourself, where’s the value in keeping this essential document updated?

An Interview with Sinead Owen – From ILSPA Graduate to Budding Paralegal

A legal career had always been on the cards for Sinead Owen, but when life took her on a different path during the second year of working towards her Law degree, it became clear that it might not be as set in stone. A few years down the line, the pandemic and a furlough gave Sinead the opportunity to look at how to re-enter the legal profession. Sinead used a difficult and insecure time to take the leap back into her dream legal role, and she has continued to take steps to progress ever since.

Can you tell us how you originally entered the legal profession?

Paralegal Apprenticeships

If a child decides they want to pursue a career in the law, a frequent reaction is Wow! Or Wow! adjacent. And much of that Wow! is based on a well-worn trope – working in the legal profession is something for the “elite”. It is true that there has been a lot of snobbery around the practice of law – both real and perceived – and it is well documented that the traditional legal professions lacked diversity and did not reflect those they were representing.

Useful Apps for Managing Your Workload

Being able to manage your workload well makes all the difference in how you perform in your role. Whether you are a new Legal Secretary or someone who has been working in the legal profession for many years, you will need to manage your workload efficiently. Learning this valuable skill enables you to do your job well and avoid becoming overwhelmed.

To be able to manage your workload successfully, it helps to plan and schedule your tasks. There are some very useful apps that can assist you with this. We have listed some of the best ones here:

Microsoft To-do

TotallyLegal Reveals the Inside Scoop of the Legal PA and Secretary Recruitment Market

To bring in 2023, TotallyLegal surveyed over 900 legal professionals to understand the finer details of their working lives, including salaries, bonuses and job satisfaction. The feedback and results revealed an educated and experienced audience covering a range of roles, including the valued Legal PA and Legal Secretary niche.

An Interview with ILSPA Graduate and Trainee Paralegal - Elizabeth Forbes

With over 20 years of experience in the legal sector, Elizabeth Forbes has had a very successful and interesting career. From starting out as a Legal Secretary Temp in a local firm at age 19, she progressed all the way to become a Secretarial Co-ordinator for a large Southeast based firm. Her goal had always been to become a Paralegal. So, when a vacancy for a Trainee Paralegal became available in her department 18 months ago, she knew it would be perfect for her.

We caught up with Elizabeth to hear all about her current role as a Trainee Paralegal and the steps she took to get there. She explained why she chose to do further qualifications with ILSPA to help reach her goal and gave some excellent advice for Legal Secretaries at the start of their career.

The Best Way to Manage Your Time When Working From Home

Working from home is fast becoming a common feature of the working week for many of us, and in the legal sector, hybrid and remote working bring many benefits for both individuals and law firms.

For a Legal Secretary, increased productivity, enhanced focus and a better work-life balance are just a few of the ways in which home working can help you manage your workload better. However, it can sometimes be difficult to separate work duties from home responsibilities, and you may need to create some structure to help yourself avoid blurring the lines between work mode and relaxation.

Here are some of the best ways to manage your time when working from home.

Create a schedule