UK Bills: How They Eventually Become Law

How bills becaome law.jpgLawmaking in the UK is about proposals being made by the Government and finally being passed by Parliament. Proposals from the government are aimed at shaping a better society or to address specific issues and problems. Laws come to the government’s attention originally because of the different political parties competing for support from the British voters.

Stamp Duty: What Is It, and Why Do We Pay It?

Stamp Duty.jpegAfter the personal tax allowance and the duty on alcohol and tobacco, one of the most eagerly scrutinised elements of the UK Government’s Annual Budget Statement is Stamp Duty. More correctly known as Stamp Duty Land Tax, this is a levy that is of interest to anyone who is considering the purchase of a house.

What is Stamp Duty?

Meet Lyn Lennox: An Outstanding Legal PA

Lyn Lennox (4).jpgAt SecsintheCity’s PA of the Year Awards 2017, there were two Legal PA winners. Meet Lyn Lennox, Legal PA at The Law Society and winner of the Outstanding Achievement Award.

How did you become a PA?

I studied a PA Diploma and A levels at college, after which I became a Legal Secretary at a major London law firm. After this role, I was lucky enough to be recruited as a PA to a Chairman of a London surveyors.