Looking at Last Year’s Successes as You Set This Year’s Goals

Imagine that you’re going on a vacation. You’ve spent months researching your destination. You have a detailed itinerary of everything you plan to do when you arrive. The excitement is building, and it’s almost time to set off.

But you don’t just show up to the airport and board a plane. A lot of planning has gone into this trip – from the airline you chose to fly, to the hotel you selected, and to the restaurants you’ll eat at. You worked with a budget. You made detailed packing lists. You probably arranged for someone to water the plants and bring in the mail while you’re gone. All of this had to happen to make the vacation successful.

TOTUM PRO Membership

The new year is often a time for budgeting and looking for good deals. As ILSPA students are eligible to purchase a TOTUM PRO card, we wanted to share some exciting updates and information for 2022.

TOTUM PRO is an exclusive membership benefit which allows you access to a wealth of savings and offers on everyday essentials as well as some treats! TOTUM PRO unlocks discounts on lots of brands, from groceries to travel and luxury items. It couldn’t be easier to start saving, so just click on the link to find out more:


Legal Secretary Vacancies January 2022

Here is a selection of vacancies from our Legal Secretary Jobs Board this month:

Experienced Legal EAs/Secretaries – Armstrong Teasdale Ltd     

Location: London

Salary: £35,000  

Armstrong Teasdale is seeking bright and experienced legal secretary/EAs to join our Corporate and Commercial teams.  This is an exciting opportunity to join a US law firm in its first international office and during a period of growth.  The firm has 12 additional offices throughout the US and a total of more than 640 lawyers and staff internationally.

View the full job description here:           


How Protected Are Your Passwords?

If I asked you to estimate how many passwords you have, what would your guess be? 20? Maybe 30?

Chances are you’re underestimating. According to research by NordPass, the average person has 100 passwords.

If you’re supporting multiple executives, chances are that number is even higher for you.

Think about it. You need a password to boot up your work computer, log in to your network, access your office intranet, open your project management software and access your cloud server. That’s five passwords before you can even start your workday!

Do you work with sensitive material? Your files are probably password protected. Do you handle your executive’s inbox? There’s another password.

Legal Secretary Vacancies December 2021

Here is a selection of vacancies from our Legal Secretary Jobs Board this month:

Support and Volunteer Co-ordinator – Lawcare  

Location: Uk Wide - working from home

Salary: £25,000  

Do you want to make a positive difference to mental wellbeing in the legal community? Lawcare is recruiting for a Support and Volunteer Coordinator to join their small, supportive, and dedicated team. This is a fantastic opportunity for someone with experience of working in the legal sector who is looking for a new challenge and wants to put their expertise to inspiring and meaningful use.

View the full job description here:           

ILSPA’s New Partnership with The Legists

ILSPA is delighted to announce our new partnership with The Legists.

The Legists is a job platform dedicated to the legal profession, optimising the best innovative recruiting solutions to find the ideal employer or employee for you. Whether you're looking to advance your career, break into the industry or find your next employee, The Legists is a good place to make that happen.

The job platform advertises a broad range of roles from private practices (sole practitioners, boutique firms, City firms, national firms), international and US firms, in-house organisations, and the public sector. They host opportunities for a variety of legal positions including Paralegals, Clerks, Secretaries and all support staff.

The Law of Tort – Contributory Negligence

Whilst we all know we should wear seat belts when in a car, how often have you or someone you know driven off while still fiddling to secure the belt? Alternatively, have you ever had to ask your passengers “Have you got your seat belt on?” after the journey has started?

As a driver you might be acutely aware of your responsibilities when it comes to children travelling with you, but what about older passengers? Where does legal responsibility rest – on the driver to insist that belts are put on, or on the passengers to look out for themselves?

Legal Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are an arrangement in which someone learns and trains whilst working. Since 2016, a number of organisations including law firms have launched legal apprenticeships programmes. Doing a legal apprenticeship would help one avoid the increasingly expensive costs which may be associated with university degrees. Going through this route, the candidate will be paid a salary throughout the scheme. Those who choose legal apprenticeships can expect to see the same standards as those who choose traditional routes.

This article will focus its discussions on general legal apprenticeships with a focus on apprenticeships which could be used to qualify as a Legal Secretary.

Who can apply?

The requirements of a legal apprenticeship are generally:

13 Ways to Help Turn Your Role from Temp to Perm

Can a contract employee become permanent? Absolutely. Businesses hiring temporary staff will often consider these candidates for a permanent position, depending on the needs of the company. While there is no guarantee that you’ll receive a permanent job role as a temporary recruit or freelancer, there are definitely advantages if you decide to seek a position at the company. So, how do you go from a temp to perm recruit? Here, we share our top 13 ways to go from a temp to a permanent contract.

What is a temp to perm role?