Boundary Setting With Your Boss

The role of an Assistant requires the ability to establish close-knit relationships and a level of trust that only comes from years of close and consistent social interaction with those you support.

Setting boundaries with anyone in life can be difficult. Pushing back and saying no in your career can be tough, especially when you’re fond of the person you’re working with. However, as important as it is to establish a strong connection with your boss, it is equally as important to create and maintain clear boundaries. What if they’re a workaholic, have back-to-back meetings, send emails 24/7 and expect you to be on the same wavelength as them, all on less than a third of their salary?

Searching for New Job Opportunities During COVID-19

The last couple of months spent in lockdown have affected many lives in the legal industry, with staff now working from home, working reduced hours or being furloughed.

Jobs have been more scarce because many employers can’t justify bringing on new staff in these times of uncertainty, so for those who want to remain working in the legal industry, it’s been more challenging to find a new job.

A Challenging Time to Make a Will

This month we are focusing on Wills, as sadly, this is an area where lawyers are finding their services very much in demand. There are challenges at the moment for Wills specialists as they struggle to ensure that the requirements of the Wills Act 1837 are properly met. It is not the first time there have been calls to reform the Wills Act, but it is unlikely that a quick solution will be found. We will focus on the most pressing current issue (witness requirements), consider possible changes to the law and offer some practical solutions.


Free Online Courses and Resources for Legal Professionals

Despite some career progression barriers caused by the coronavirus outbreak, TotallyLegal remains as passionate and determined as ever to encourage the professional development of its audience.

It has created this list with the aim of helping you to make the most of the coming weeks and months at home. Here are some of the best free online courses and resources for legal professionals. Ranging from enhancing your soft skills and increasing your typing speed to brushing up on your knowledge of GDPR, these free online courses provide huge variety in terms of learning and development opportunities.

How Can We Protect the Planet and Ourselves?

The 50th anniversary of Earth Day took place last month. Earth Day was created in 1970 to help protect the planet, and, at the time, millions of people took to the streets to raise awareness of environmental issues. Earth Day is now the largest civic event in the world. Experts and scientists come together to discuss important issues and make positive changes. Many environmental laws have been passed as a result of this incredible collaboration.

Legal Secretary Vacancies May 2020

Here is a selection of vacancies from our Legal Secretary Jobs Board this month:

Personal Injury Legal Secretary – G2 Legal Limited

Location: Shrewsbury

Salary: £15,001-£20,000

A brilliant opportunity has arisen for a personal injury legal secretary to join this established law firm based in Shrewsbury on a full time, permanent basis.

View the full job description here:  

Junior Legal Secretary – Larbey Evans Ltd 

Location: Greater London

Salary: £25,000-£26,000 (plus benefits)

Remote work: Here to Stay?

The emergence of remote working has grown from a novel thought to an increasingly sought-after business perk within the legal profession. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic mandating that all types of lawyers at all types of seniority level work from home, is remote working here to stay for the considerable future?

Benchmark your salary with SecsintheCity’s Audience Insight Report

SecsintheCity – the UK’s number one job board for PAs, Secretaries and other office support professionals – has just published the findings of its 2019 Audience Insight Report.

In autumn 2019, 4,000 office support professionals responded to our annual salary survey, providing the details of their daily working lives for a report that allows you to benchmark your current earnings and find out more about the stories and statistics behind your profession.

Responses revealed that, at 8%, Legal Secretaries and PAs make up a significant portion of our audience, while 10% of respondents said they were crafting a career in the legal sector.

Using Your Extra Time To Boost Your Career

Due to the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic, the role of office support professionals has changed dramatically, with the office crucially now removed from the equation.

Working from home is a challenging prospect for EAs, PAs and office professionals alike, but remote work can open doors that previously may have been shut. One of the most profound benefits of working from home is the extra time you have on your hands. Remove the commute from the equation, and you’re left with time – both in the morning and the evening – which you can use to focus on yourself.

Returning to Study After a Break

Returning to study after a period of time off can sometimes be a daunting task. People can be prevented from studying due to various reasons such as work commitments, health issues and looking after family. Whatever the reason, here is our advice to ease you into studying your course again with confidence:

Think ahead