The Importance of Keeping Your CV Updated

Whether you are newly qualified and looking for your first role in the sector, or an experienced Legal Secretary on the hunt for your next position, creating a bespoke CV that matches the job advert, is the best route for advancing to the interview stage. In a competitive job market, it’s more important than ever to curate a stand-out CV to catch the recruiters’ eye. So, you may ask yourself, where’s the value in keeping this essential document updated?

Here’s the thing, if you’ve been in your role for a few years, then it’s a challenging task to dig your CV out of the archives and start the revision process. It can be overwhelming! With a word-perfect CV being your gateway to securing a new role, imagine how refreshing it would be to click ‘apply,’ without the hassle of remembering a few years’ revision or starting from scratch.

The Application Process

It’s simple, after you’ve been in your role for a certain amount of time, you can forget your specific skills and achievements. By updating your CV as and when you take on an additional responsibility, learn a new skill or achieve an award or personal goal, you keep your employable attributes at the forefront of your mind. You could include, for example, the completion of ILSPA’s Criminal Law Advanced Diploma course, or that you became responsible for managing an additional fee earner’s diary.

Understanding your skillset will also help in writing covering letters, as well as during the interview process. By having your CV ready to go, you can apply for a new job with ease. In simple terms, the less time you have to spend on creating your CV, the more time you have to focus on tailoring it to reflect the job advert.

The Interview Stage:

Your CV is more than your career history, it’s a reminder of all your professional achievements to date. Being able to quantify your achievements will help you come up with detailed answers to scenario questions, presenting you as a strong candidate in an interview.

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