Paralegal Skills Can Enhance Your Employability

If you have been thinking about pursuing a career as a Paralegal or you would like to increase your skill set and maximise your employability as a Legal Secretary, look no further than AH Paralegal Training. The AH Paralegal Practical Skills course is short and intensive, taking place over three to four days in London, Manchester, Birmingham or Bristol.

Benefits of Attending the Course

  • You are provided with practical insight into the legal profession and the kind of work you could perform as a Paralegal.
  • It promotes confidence and encourages you to work as a freelance Paralegal as well as enhancing your opportunity of securing employment.
  • You are given an understanding of not only HOW to perform certain tasks but also WHY you are performing them.
  • It provides employers with confidence in those whom they are employing.
  • You are awarded a certificate on completing the course, provided you pass the course review test.
  • You are provided with a ‘Guide to Finding Work as a Freelance Paralegal’ after successfully completing the course review test
  • You are given one year’s Affiliate Membership of the National Association of Licensed Paralegals.

Structure of the Course

This course is unique in its approach because of the substantial amount of information that will be assimilated and learned in a relatively short period of time. There are, however, plenty of opportunities for interaction and role play. Using extracts from personal experience and real cases studies as examples, the course is entirely practical.

Amanda Hamilton, founder of AH Paralegal Training, teaches the Institute’s Legal Secretaries Diploma course and is the Chief Executive of the National Association of Licensed Paralegals. She is an excellent tutor who continually receives positive feedback from her students.

Further course information can be found at the company’s website: