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Would You Like to Contribute to a Channel 4 Film?

Silver River Productions have been asked by Channel 4 to produce a new history series that tells the story of social change over the past 40 years through the stories of four different professions – Doctors, Police Officers, Teachers and Secretaries.

Keeping Up to Date With Law

The law is an ever-changing area as legislation and case law is continually conceived. As a Legal Secretary, it is important to remain in touch with the law, and it is a part of your job which needs you to be on your toes. 

Depending on your practice’s niche area of law, you’ll naturally be assigned to a section even if you work in an all-services law firm. Therefore keeping active in terms of remaining up to date is vital if you are to succeed and progress. For example, the recent changes to the legal aid system which began to filter through in April 2013 are slowly being phased in and your firm will have been made aware of the new legislation way before the changes began to happen. Any changes to the overall workings of practices in law are paramount, as these directly affect all areas. Keeping up to date with overall changes is necessary as they begin to filter into your daily work, as are any changes in your niche.

Should There be a Limit on Legal Aid in Criminal Law?

The Criminal Justice System in British Law has one fundamental basis. Innocent until proven guilty, and this entitles a person who is charged with a crime the right to a defence and a defence Lawyer. If a person is arrested and charged with a crime, those who qualify for legal aid will have their defence Lawyer paid for by the taxpayer.

Guidance on the Information Provided by Property Sellers

This month we will consider the Law Societies Property Information Form (TA6) and explain in more depth how it is used in a normal domestic property sale. We will also try to explain what the seller’s responsibilities are when answering the questions on this form and highlight some of the serious consequences that can follow if information provided by a seller proves to be false.

Purpose of the Form 

Which IT Skills Will Improve Your Job Application?

Professional-level job adverts used to state that candidates were required to be ‘computer literate’. As I remember, people used to interpret this nebulous phrase to mean anything from ‘can type’ to ‘knows how to program’ – and, of course, everything in between.

New Rights for Whistleblowing Employees

Unless you have been living in a bubble over the past few months, you have not missed the numerous news stories that have come to light relating to public sector employees whistleblowing on the inadequacies of their workplaces. This has usually been connected with NHS Trusts – where worrying problems have been identified which may have otherwise gone unnoticed but for the brave individual who realised that something had to be done.  

Make Your Firm Proud and Advance Your Career!

Think about how happy your firm would be if you could take on more responsibility and be more productive in your role. If you were to further your knowledge of law, you could be more involved in legal procedures and save your employer precious time and money. Not only would it be beneficial for the company, but it would lead to greater job satisfaction for you.

Is It Right to Treat Arrested Under-18s as Adults?

Arrest under 18sThe Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE) currently permits the police to treat a 17-year-old as an adult while in police custody. This position is at odds with the treatment of under-18s according to other legislation such as the Children’s Act 1989, the Legal Aid Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012, and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.


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