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Conveyancing Update – Local Searches and Proposed Changes to the CON 29 Form

This month we are focusing on local searches, which are one of the most important checks that a purchaser should carry out before signing a contract to buy property or land.

Are You Too Old to Study?

Have you been reading information about the Institute of Legal Secretaries and PAs’ courses and considering the possibility of studying again? Do you find yourself thinking that such study might be way over your head now that you are getting on a little bit in years? If this strikes a chord with you, carry on reading this article for some inspiration and advice in this regard.

Are Whole-life Prison Tariffs against Human Rights?

Despite a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) stating that whole-life prison tariffs are a breach of a prisoner’s human rights, the Court of Appeal has elected to go against this judgment and decide that such terms could still be handed down to the criminals responsible for the most heinous crimes in our society.

Adding Citations to Word Documents

As a Legal Secretary, you will sometimes find yourself needing to compile well-researched documents. The hallmark of any respectable reference document is its citations. Without citations to the sources of your information, your research is quickly rendered useless, as it is not verifiable in any way. 

Fortunately MS Office makes it easy to add citations to documents quickly and easily.

Wills and Probate Round-Up

This month we are looking at some of the latest developments in the world of wills and probate. 

The Law Society Wills and Inheritance Protocol

A new protocol published in July 2013 was linked to the Law Society’s Wills and Inheritance Quality Scheme. The protocol is not currently compulsory for Solicitors unless they are members of the Quality Scheme. 

Calming Interview Nerves

If you can minimise nervousness in the run-up to your interview, you’ll be in a good position to perform well on the day. It’s worth remembering, though, that a few nerves and being under a little stress can be good for you, according to the latest medical research. Being under slight stress is likely to fire you up, make you more alert, able to tune out distractions and think creatively – all great aids to an impressive job interview!

Studying by Distance Learning

The Institute of Legal Secretaries and PAs offers a variety of popular distance learning courses which will help you to advance your legal knowledge and skills. Our Legal Secretaries Diploma and Single Subject Legal courses are studied by thousands of Students throughout the UK and overseas.

Law Job Prospects for 2014

In review, 2013 proved a mixed year for UK law jobs. Against a backdrop of the planned changes to Legal Aid provision and personal injury law and regular news of law firms falling into administration – particularly at the mid-tier level – there was generally felt to be more optimism about law job prospects and salaries than has been felt in the previous three or four years. 


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