Legal Secretary Vacancies August 2020

Here is a selection of vacancies from our Legal Secretary Jobs Board this month:

Junior Secretary – Donohoe & Co Solicitors  

Location: Marylebone

Salary: £16,000

Donohoe & Co Solicitors is a niche divorce and family law practice based near Marylebone High Street. We are looking to recruit a permanent, full-time junior legal secretary to assist with copy and audio typing (using digital dictation), filing, answering the phone and such other administrative duties as may be required by the firm from time to time.

View the full job description here:  

Legal Secretary – David Conway & Co

Location: Central London

Salary: TBA

David Conway & Co is a successful niche west end law firm which has a wide range of experience in dealing with a variety of commercial and residential property, supported by a small team. We are seeking a personable and experienced commercial property Legal Secretary for our busy and friendly practice.

View the full job description here:          

Returning to Work After Furlough

With businesses reopening and an end date fixed for the furlough scheme, some employers are starting a phased return of their staff. Here’s TotallyLegal’s advice for returning to work after furlough.

According to the results of Business Live’s recent Great Big Business Survey, over half of the businesses polled had taken advantage of the government’s furlough scheme since it came into effect in March, with 28.5% reporting that they had furloughed more than 75% of their workforce.

However, as lockdown restrictions are slowly eased and some semblance of normality returns, 28% of businesses indicated that they plan to bring back all of their furloughed staff before the scheme officially ends at the end of October, while a further 16% hoped to bring back at least some of their employees.

With some legal professionals now furloughed for three months or more, returning to work is going to present a unique set of challenges for many over the summer and autumn. Here’s our advice for having the smoothest and most successful return to work after furlough.

Plastic Pollution in the Thames

It has recently been reported that the River Thames has a higher level of microplastics than any other river in Europe. Larger items such as wet wipes are even accumulating on the shore and creating wet wipe reefs! Scientists are baffled as to why the problem is particularly bad in London and they are calling for stricter regulations on the labelling and disposal of products that contain plastic.

Microplastics can come in the form of glitter and microbeads in cosmetics. These enter the water when we wash them off in the sink or shower after use. However, the majority of microplastics come from the breakdown of larger items, such as food packaging and single-use water bottles.

Unfortunately, people also flush things that contain plastic down the toilet without thinking. Wet wipes, cotton buds, dental floss, sanitary products and the masks we have to wear due to the COVID-19 crisis contain plastic and are causing a lot of damage to the environment. These are considered to be unflushables by environmental organisations. We should only dispose of toilet paper in the lavatory and everything else must be binned.

Performing Well in a Telephone Interview

Telephone interviews continue to grow in popularity within the recruitment process, particularly for urgent roles that need filling fast or first-stage interviews. However, these can be daunting for candidates who may not have experienced one before.

During a telephone interview an employer can efficiently gain a technical understanding of your experience without having to set up a lot of time-consuming formal interviews. Thus, the employer can shorten the hiring cycle. It is therefore crucial that you make a strong first impression to ensure you are shortlisted for a formal interview and make it through to the next stage of the hiring process.

Here are recruitment specialist Sellick Partnership’s top tips for performing well during a telephone interview.

Make sure you come across well

A key part of the telephone interview is how you come across over the phone. You should think about your tone and sense of humour and show your personality. You will have to go the extra mile as the interviewer cannot see your facial expressions or your body language.

Prepare, prepare, prepare

An Interview with Senior Paralegal and ILSPA Graduate Craig Johnson

Craig Johnson is a LL.B Law Student, NALP Licensed Paralegal and Fellowship Member of the ILSPA. Craig is currently a Senior Paralegal at Court Assistance UK and has a BSB License to Instruct Counsel. 

After working as a Paralegal and completing NALP’s Level 4 Diploma in Paralegal Studies, Craig decided to enrol on ILSPA’s Legal Secretaries Diploma. He felt it was a good way to refresh his legal knowledge and expand his skills in areas he hadn’t worked in before.

ILSPA was delighted to speak to Craig and hear how he found studying our Legal Secretary qualification as a Paralegal. He told us why he feels that ILSPA’s Diploma is a fantastic refresher course for senior legal professionals, as well as those starting their legal careers.        

Tell us about your career so far. What do you currently do in the legal sector?

I have been a qualified Paralegal since 2018 and qualified with the National Association of Licensed Paralegals. I have worked within different sectors of law and originally started my legal career working for a small car company, handling aspects of contract law and company law.

An Overview of Legal Practice

A key feature of ILSPA’s Legal Secretaries Diploma course is the exposure that it gives Students to different areas of legal practice. Each unit integrates the teaching of legal concepts (sometimes referred to as black letter law) with their application in the real world. This approach has employability at its heart and this month we will give you the lowdown about what it is really like to work in some key areas of legal practice. Because there are so many areas of specialisation there is not enough time to consider them all, but we will illustrate some of the close links that exist between legal specialisms. 

Just to remind those who may have studied some time ago, ILSPA’s Diploma has a mixture of contentious and non-contentious units. The contentious areas are civil litigation and family law and practice. The non-contentious are conveyancing and wills and probate.

8 Tips to Help You Retain Information

One of the great things about ILSPA’s Legal Secretaries Diploma is that it is not assessed through closed book exams. The focus is put on your understanding of the course material, rather than how well you can memorise it. Law and procedure can require in-depth study and a lot of concentration. Students who are able to train their brains to retain information will find it easier to process and move through the learning material with confidence.

Here are eight quick and easy tips to help you retain information: 

1. Repetition

This is tip number one because it is the most obvious. Repeating information over and over to yourself is proven to help your brain retain it. If you have a large amount of information to remember, you can break it down into sections and go over them again and again.

2. Discuss

When you have in-depth or large pieces of information to remember, try talking about them with other people. In a way this is an extension of tip number one, as when you discuss a topic you are automatically repeating things in your mind while you are talking about it. It also has the added bonus of allowing you to expand and assess the topic, giving you a greater understanding.

3. Share

Legal Secretary Vacancies July 2020

Here is a selection of vacancies from our Legal Secretary Jobs Board this month:

Legal Secretary – Heathcare – Owen Reed

Location: Greater London

Salary: £34,000-£36,000

The Legal Secretary will provide support with all administrative tasks including management of client files, management of billing and financial activities, client relationship and business development coordination, diary and travel management.

View the full job description here:   

Legal PA - 4 Days a Week – Law Choice

Location: Guildford

Salary: £25,000 + Excellent Benefits

A genuine Legal PA role working with one of Guildford’s top law firms, for a Partner + team who will involve their Legal PA in all aspects of the casework. The Partner specialises in an interesting mix of corporate & commercial work and the role is a mix of secretarial and PA work – pretty much split 50-50.

Legal Secretary Job Interview Questions

A Legal Secretary needs to be dedicated, efficient and highly organised in order for a law firm or business to run effectively.

Therefore, when interviewing for a Legal Secretary position, employers are looking for much more than good administration skills. Legal Secretaries need to demonstrate a genuine interest in the law, as well as excellent customer service skills and adaptability.

You might be interviewing for your first Legal Secretary job, or you could be an experienced candidate looking to make the move to a major law firm. Whatever your experience, we have put together some helpful tips on how to answer common Legal Secretary interview questions to reflect the best of your abilities.  

“Why this firm/area of law?”

How to Motivate Yourself to Study after Lockdown

The past few months have been a time of unprecedented change and disruption for many of us in our normal day-to-day lives. While for some this has led to additional time at home to dedicate to things such as courses and self-care, for others it will have led to the opposite. With work, family and schoolwork all needing to be squeezed in at home, there is little time left for other responsibilities such as studying.

As lockdown restrictions ease and glimpses of normality can be seen on the horizon, many ILSPA Students will be starting to think it is time to get back to their coursework. For others, deadlines may be coming up and they now have no choice but to get back on top of their work. Whichever group you fall into, here at ILSPA we want to offer some helpful, practical tips to help you motivate yourself and get back into your studies. 

Throw away your existing study schedule