Achieving Personal and Professional Growth

Personal and professional growth comes from acting in ways that support our health, values, and goals. Turning our awareness towards what we really want from life and doing things that make us happy enables us to live more authentically and in alignment with ourselves.

You may have developed unhealthy habits or have responsibilities which are holding you back. A great way to break free of these and develop a more positive way of being is to create a code of conduct for yourself. You can do this by making a list of directives you would like to follow. At first you can brainstorm anything which comes to mind, then you can go through your list and refine it, focusing on the things that really matter.

Here are some examples of directives for you:

  • Exercise regularly
  • Practice gratitude
  • Share your vulnerability
  • Be honest and forthcoming
  • Take time to rest
  • Follow self-care practices
  • Set clear boundaries
  • Learn from your experiences
  • Learn from happy and fulfilled people
  • Let negative thoughts pass
  • Don’t waste time on social media
  • Meet up with people in person
  • Declutter your home
  • Simplify your life
  • Immerse yourself in your interests
  • Spend time in nature

Once you have created your code of conduct, you can put it somewhere visible as a reminder. Reading it every morning after you wake up creates your mindset for the day. Keep in mind that progress is not linear though, people often take steps forwards and backwards during times of personal growth. Try not to get upset with yourself if old ways of being creep back sometimes. New actions take practice but over time they can become second nature.

When you give attention to your personal life and start living in a way which supports your growth, you can create a happy and stable platform to perform well in your career. You can create a list of directives to improve your working life too! Making the most of opportunities or asking for help if you need it are good ones to start with. You might also want to be more helpful at work or encourage positive communication. Some of the directives you have chosen to follow for your personal growth may crossover into your professional life, like learning from your experiences and setting clear boundaries.

Operating from a more authentic and fulfilling place not only improves the quality of our lives but it also makes the lives of those around us better too. It affects our family, friends, acquaintances, and colleagues. Let’s commit to our growth and make the world a better place.