ILSPA's New Legal Resources Portal

Being able to research in order to update your knowledge is a fundamental skill when studying law. In the Legal Secretaries Diploma course you learn about legal principles and how they relate to one another. To help you extend your knowledge and keep up to date with legal developments, the Institute have created a portal on their website giving you easy access to some key websites. These websites include those for various organisations Students learn about in the Diploma course such as the Houses of Parliament, the Law Commission, and the Law Society. In this article we will explain why the websites on ILSPA’s portal might be useful to you both during your studies and after you have qualified.

To access the portal go to the Student resources part of your Membership area and click on the legal research tab. This will open a new window on your computer and will allow you to access key legal websites. The websites you will find here are:

Houses of Parliament – This site houses images, videos, and articles that allow you to find out more about the role of Parliament, how it differs from government, who’s who in Parliament, and how laws are made. There are a few snappy animation videos, including What is the House of Commons? and  An Introduction to Parliament, which make this a fun website to explore.

The Law Commission – A government-funded organisation founded in the ’60s, the commission advises on areas of the law which need to be reformed. It has published hundreds of reports, has proposed bills, and is a key player in shaping what laws are created in our country. 

Courts & Tribunals Service – According to the HM Courts & Tribunals Service, one aim of its website is to ensure access to justice. Most interesting and relevant to your studies in the Diploma course is the Civil Procedure Rules which regulate how a civil case will be dealt with. 

Land Registry – Containing a wealth of conveyancing forms and guidance notes, this is one of the most comprehensive free legal sites available. 

The Law Society – The official website for solicitors in England and Wales. You can often find updates on recent cases and statutes or articles on issues that affect legal practice. 

Law Dictionary – This is a great resource to help you understand and translate legal terminology. 

HM Revenue and Customs – Little explanation is needed for what the Revenue do, but note that here you can find all the tax forms that you might need to complete on behalf of a client (or in respect to a client’s estate).  

The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting – There are a number of interesting articles on case law and case reporting that are available to law Students for free in the Learning Zone section of the website.

We hope this article has piqued your interest in researching the law further via the Internet. Next month, we will be highlighting several legal academic websites and suggesting further places on the Internet where you can find useful sources on the law and other information.