How to Complete ILSPA's Achievement Tests

If you are currently studying a Legal Secretary course with ILSPA, there is a high chance you will be required to submit at least one achievement test as part of your course. Achievement tests are designed to assess your legal knowledge and for you to show how well you have understood the course material. For this reason, they are a very important part of your course. Your achievement test result is a reflection of your grasp of a particular area of law and goes towards your final grade.

Here is some advice on how best to complete the achievement tests.

1. Study the course material thoroughly

This may seem obvious, but it is surprising how some people jump ahead to the test without studying properly. The goal of the achievement test is to assess your understanding of the information provided. You need to read (and reread) your course material until you feel confident in your understanding of it. Once you feel ready, you may take the test. As the tests are not timed, you may take as long as you need to complete them. Also, the tests are not done under examination conditions and are open book. This means that you may refer to your course material while answering the questions.

2. Use your course material when selecting your answers

When completing an achievement test, you can print it out or make a note of the questions and multiple-choice answers. You can download a printable version of the test by clicking the link at the bottom left corner of the test. You have the opportunity to then refer to your course material and any notes you have made in order to select your answers. All the test answers can be found within the course material. There are no questions that cannot be answered using the information provided. There is also no need to refer to outside resources when completing your tests.

3. Leave and continue the achievement tests later

If you start a test but are unable to finish it straight away, one of the great things about our online tests is that you can leave them and your existing answers will be saved in the system. You are able to dip in and out of the achievement tests as many times as you like before you submit your answers. You may also review and change your answers until you click on “Submit”. Once you have opened the test, you are welcome to exit and return to it as many times as you need.

4. Contact your Course Assessor

Your Course Assessor is there to help you throughout your studies and can answer any questions you have about your coursework. If you are unsure about something and need clarification, you may contact your Course Assessor via email. You will find your Course Assessor’s email address in your original course confirmation email that we sent you. You can also find your Course Assessor’s details in the Student Guidance section of your course material. If you are unsure of something, we encourage you to contact your Course Assessor before submitting your test. That way you can be confident when you submit your final answers.

5. Check, check and check again

You may review your answers as many times as you need before you choose to submit your test. Make sure that you take advantage of this. Check and double check it until you are absolutely happy. It will make all the difference in your passing and achieving a good result. Once you are confident with all 20 answers, you may go ahead and click the submit button at the end of the test.

If you are currently a Student with ILSPA, you can find further help and guidance in the Student Guidance section of your course material.