Studying by Distance Learning

The Institute of Legal Secretaries and PAs offers a variety of popular distance learning courses which will help you to advance your legal knowledge and skills. Our Legal Secretaries Diploma and Single Subject Legal courses are studied by thousands of Students throughout the UK and overseas.

Distance learning courses are sought by Students each year because of the benefits this study method offers. Attending a college or university can be beneficial to receive direct contact with a tutor; however, studying the course at home brings its own benefits.

Firstly, you can save money. The cost of distance learning courses is cheaper than attending a class, as the price does not accommodate the tutor or the learning establishment. When you learn from home, you will not need to spend money on petrol or public transport either. This provides a saving of not only money but also travelling time. 

Secondly, flexibility is guaranteed with distance learning courses. Students are able to complete their work in the comfort of their home or anywhere they are most comfortable, as long as there is a computer and Internet connection. This allows you to study at your own pace and to complete the course in your own time scale. Some of our Students have been known to complete the course within six weeks, as they have had the opportunity to work full time on it. 

Distance learning can take away the social interaction Students find through a class, but for some this enables them to concentrate better. Contact and help is always at hand through the Institute by telephone or email should you feel the need to communicate with someone about your studies. We are happy to assist you with any aspect of the course you are studying.

A common misconception is that people think studying a course in a classroom setting gives it more worth. We very much disagree. If you are able to pass a course from studying on your own at home, it shows that you have great self-discipline and drive. Whether you study a course by class attendance or distance learning, the coursework is exactly the same and holds equal merit.

Students who are most successful in studying from home are committed, motivated and able to manage their time well. If you need help learning these attributes, ILSPA provides a selection of useful articles in the ‘Student Resources’ area of our Legal Secretary Journal to keep you on track.