Are You Too Old to Study?

Have you been reading information about the Institute of Legal Secretaries and PAs’ courses and considering the possibility of studying again? Do you find yourself thinking that such study might be way over your head now that you are getting on a little bit in years? If this strikes a chord with you, carry on reading this article for some inspiration and advice in this regard.

ILSPA Students

So, to get straight to the heart of the matter here: you are never too old to study something that interests you. One of ILSPA’s course developers is in his 70s now and has recently started a Master’s Degree in Law!

We accept Students of all ages on our courses, whether you study by evening classes or distance learning. If you attend one of our evening classes, for example, you will find men and women who are in their 60s. We sometimes have Students who study the course later in life for personal interests rather than to enhance their job prospects. 

Exercising Your Brain

As we get older, we lose the ability to generate cells in our bodies, including our brain cells. Studying can therefore keep our mind active and give it a good workout, so to speak. The brain is a muscle, so exercising it keeps it at a higher functioning level. Studying therefore can help you improve your memory and thinking ability in other aspects of life. It is a well-known fact that studying in later life has been proven to help reduce the possibilities of the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s. It has been shown that people are more likely to go on and develop such conditions when they stop using their brain.

Retaining Information

If you are worried about your ability to retain information during your studies, there are several methods to help you remember key points. Mind maps are great to use whilst studying. You can place the most important concept in the centre of a page in a circle and then you will have a number of other things associated with this central feature branching out. This helps you see things clearly, and it is also a great revision tool.

Another method is to highlight the important points of the course as you go along so that you pick out the most relevant information. When you reread your material, everything is more concise and is familiar to you. A bright-coloured highlighter pen is perfect for this.

While you might feel a little frustrated at times for not picking up important points as quickly as you might have done in the past, it really is imperative for you to be patient with yourself. Everyone struggles with their studies sometimes, no matter what age they are!