Meet Lyn Lennox: An Outstanding Legal PA

Lyn Lennox (4).jpgAt SecsintheCity’s PA of the Year Awards 2017, there were two Legal PA winners. Meet Lyn Lennox, Legal PA at The Law Society and winner of the Outstanding Achievement Award.

How did you become a PA?

I studied a PA Diploma and A levels at college, after which I became a Legal Secretary at a major London law firm. After this role, I was lucky enough to be recruited as a PA to a Chairman of a London surveyors.

What’s great about your job at The Law Society?

I work for the Director of Strategic Relationships, who is responsible for the Society’s strategic relationships in the UK and worldwide. This means I get to meet and liaise with a lot of important people from all over the world, which I really enjoy. The job can be pressurised; however, The Law Society is a wonderful building to work in, and I work with a great team of PAs/EAs who all support and understand each other.

The judges said that one of the reasons you won the award is because you saved a school from being closed down. Can you tell us more?

Of course it wasn’t just me who saved the school! Whilst raising my children, I worked as a Clerk to Governors for an inclusive secondary school which was very family-oriented and had a wonderful department for children with SEN, learning difficulties and disabilities.

In a nutshell, the County Council tried to shut the school after initially promising funding for a rebuild. This was a heartbreaking decision not only for the students and staff, but for the community as well.

I was behind the creation of a ‘Save Our School’ campaign which went on for a gruelling nine months and included numerous protests and public meetings. Eventually the decision went to adjudication and was overturned. The school is now thriving.

What’s your secret to being organised and juggling lots of priorities?

Being calm, making ‘to do’ lists and always trying to be one step ahead. Being a mum of three children, I am well used to juggling lots of priorities, which is why I am all in favour of women returning to work after raising a family.

How did you find the interview for PA of the Year?

It was a big surprise for me to be nominated by a fellow PA, and I was deeply flattered. I thoroughly enjoyed the interview. I will not lie, I was nervous, and I didn’t know what to expect, but I remained ‘myself’ and the interview turned out to be relaxed and good fun.

Congratulations again! Tell me about the night itself.

I had always wanted to dine at The Ivy, having read about it in lots of magazines. I bought a new dress and shoes and was so excited!

My Manager accompanied me, and when we entered the restaurant, I was blown away by its decor and ambience. All the PAs were made to feel completely VIP with a champagne reception, special gifts at our tables, and wonderful food and wine.

I made lots of new friends whom I have already connected with on LinkedIn. It was probably the closest I will ever get to the Oscars. It truly was an evening I will never forget.

How did your colleagues react, and has anything changed since you won the award?

My colleagues were over the moon for me, and my award was mentioned in our weekly staff article. I received many emails of congratulations, some from members of external organisations who had read the article in the Daily Mirror.

Everyone made me feel extremely special, and I celebrated over evening cocktails with some of my fellow PAs at work, all of whom were pleased to see our hard work recognised. Winning this award not only has given my confidence a real boost, but also truly is my ultimate career accolade. All my hard work has been worthwhile!

What piece of advice would you give others for achieving success as a PA or EA?

Keep your eyes and ears open, keep up with new technology and network, network, network! Never be rude to anyone, and support your fellow PAs/EAs, remembering we are all gatekeepers to important diaries, and you just never know when you might need to make an appointment. At the end of the day, we are all doing the same job, just in different places!

Thanks, Lyn! Well done and best of luck for the future.

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