Top Note-Taking Tips for Legal Secretaries

Whether you are studying a course or working in a law firm, note taking is a significant part of a Legal Secretary’s role whatever stage you are at in your career. Efficient note taking can save you time, help your understanding and memory, and keep you organised.

Here are ILSPA’s top 10 tips for note taking.

  1. Find the format that works for you when taking notes so that it becomes natural and easy, whether it’s bullet points, annotations around text, short sentences, colour-coding or creating mind maps. Having your notes in a clear and relatable format will speed up your note taking and also help you find information again when you need to return to it.

Win Before You Begin

If you tend to procrastinate on certain projects, one reason could be that you haven’t created a victory in your mind first.

When you think about a project that isn’t advancing very well, consider these questions:

  • Do you have a clear vision of what success for this project looks like?

  • Can you see your desired end result clearly in your mind’s eye, like you’re recalling a vivid memory?

  • Is the path forward relatively clear, from start to finish?

  • Can you visualise the key action steps to bring the project to completion?

  • Have you firmly decided to do the project now (as in this week, this month or this quarter)?

The Goals of the UN Climate Change Conference

This year, the UK is hosting the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26). It is taking place from 31 October to 12 November in Glasgow. The conference will bring together world leaders, climate experts, activists and campaigners through talks on climate change. Agreements will be made between different parties as to how to tackle the escalating crises. Hopefully positive ones!

The goals of COP26 are to:

Reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2050

Countries must aim to significantly reduce their carbon emissions by 2030 and then reduce them further to net zero by 2050. This can be done by:

  • Phasing out coal

  • Stopping deforestation

  • Switching to electric vehicles

The Advantages of Developing Your Professional Skills

As an ILSPA Member, you have the opportunity to be recognised for the professional development that you undertake in your career. One of our aims is to provide our members with professional recognition for the quality of their knowledge and skills, therefore we actively encourage professional development through our CPD programme and our Legal Secretary Journal. ILSPA believes that it is essential for Legal Secretaries and PAs to develop their professional expertise in order to be successful in their roles.

An Admin’s Guide to Being Between Jobs

Lay-offs happen. Executives leave companies and can’t take their admins. Companies reorganise.

All these situations may sound like nightmares to an admin. But they don’t have to be career killers. If you’re in between jobs, companies or even careers, these five things can help you stay relevant to the admin profession.

1. Temp

One of the best things you can do if you’re out of work is to go to a temporary staffing agency. Temping helps you keep your skills active and develop new ones, too. Think of it as a paid job interview – the people you’re working with get to see what your skills are and you get to try out the company to see if it’s a good fit.

2. Take classes

Legal Secretary Vacancies October 2021

Here is a selection of vacancies from our Legal Secretary Jobs Board this month:

Private Client Secretarial Assistant – Neves Solicitors LLP

Location: Harpenden, Hertfordshire

Salary: £24,000-£26,000 (DOE)

Neves Solicitors LLP is looking to recruit a Secretarial Assistant for their Private Client team. It is a busy role providing support and assistance to a team of three Private Client solicitors, so this role requires a highly organised individual with the ability to multi-task, prioritise duties and remain calm under pressure.

View the full job description here:   

Beware the Dangers of Being a Workaholic

Chances are you know a workaholic. You might even be one yourself. You know the type. They’re the first one in the office each day and the last one to leave each night. It’s not surprising to see them working from home over the weekend or cutting their holiday short to get back to the daily grind – if they allow themselves to go on holiday at all, that is.

Working hard isn’t a bad thing, but there’s a thin line between “hard worker” and “workaholic”. When you cross that line and fail to rest and recharge, you’re putting yourself at risk.

Meet the Successful Applicants for Joelson's Mentoring Scheme

In April, ILSPA announced that top-ranked multidisciplinary law firm Joelson offered exclusive mentoring to a small selection of lucky ILSPA Students. The mentoring scheme, which takes place over a 12-month period, includes a day in the Joelson office each month, Q&A sessions with the secretarial team and other members of the firm, one to one contact with Joelson Legal Secretaries, and much more.

After a rigorous application process, we are pleased to introduce you to the two successful applicants for the scheme, Ashleigh Almeyda and Rachel Hoar.

LegalEx: The Event Where the Legal Community Meets

Expert keynotes. The latest legal tech. Networking with industry insiders. LegalEx is back as an in-person event this November.

LegalEx 2021, taking place on November 10 - 11 at ExCeL London, is the must-attend event to meet industry thought leaders, regulators at the forefront of legislation and code-of-conduct changes, and experts in client success, technology and business development.