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Searching for New Job Opportunities During COVID-19

The last couple of months spent in lockdown have affected many lives in the legal industry, with staff now working from home, working reduced hours or being furloughed.

Jobs have been more scarce because many employers can’t justify bringing on new staff in these times of uncertainty, so for those who want to remain working in the legal industry, it’s been more challenging to find a new job.

Remote work: Here to Stay?

The emergence of remote working has grown from a novel thought to an increasingly sought-after business perk within the legal profession. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic mandating that all types of lawyers at all types of seniority level work from home, is remote working here to stay for the considerable future?

Benchmark your salary with SecsintheCity’s Audience Insight Report

SecsintheCity – the UK’s number one job board for PAs, Secretaries and other office support professionals – has just published the findings of its 2019 Audience Insight Report.

In autumn 2019, 4,000 office support professionals responded to our annual salary survey, providing the details of their daily working lives for a report that allows you to benchmark your current earnings and find out more about the stories and statistics behind your profession.

Responses revealed that, at 8%, Legal Secretaries and PAs make up a significant portion of our audience, while 10% of respondents said they were crafting a career in the legal sector.

How to Start Your CV in Seven Easy Steps

Knowing how to start your CV is bound to set you apart from the rest.

There it is – the job opportunity you’ve been waiting for. The criteria reflect your experience; the responsibilities excite you and the benefits are just the cherry on top.

There’s just one problem: your CV hasn’t been updated in quite some time and could certainly do with a rewrite. If recruiters spend an average of six seconds looking at a CV before deciding whether to read on or skip to the next one, first impressions are paramount to your success. Faced with an empty template, there’s a good chance you’re wondering how to start your CV. Fortunately, we’ve broken the process up into seven easy steps you can follow to create a winning professional resumé:

1.    Pick a simple format

Everything You Need to Know About Writing a Personal Statement

Writing your personal statement can certainly be tough, but this easy how-to should help.

It’s the first thing a prospective employer will read when they open your CV – for that reason, it’s also the first thing many ambitious job hunters struggle with when making their application.

On the surface, the task of writing a summary of your value as an employee seems straightforward: it’s only a few lines, after all. Yet, considering the competition in the market and the fact that even one spelling or grammar mistake can cause your resumé to be discarded, there’s a lot resting on the profile section of your CV.

Top Skills for PAs in 2020

Ten years ago, the role of a personal assistant was heavily centred around administrative skills – typing, minute taking, diary management and so on. Now, as we enter a new decade, it is safe to say that the role of the PA has evolved along with technology and a shift in working practices.

Today, the duties of a Personal Assistant stretch far beyond admin – they are now taking on more and more responsibility in the lives of their bosses, clients and the companies they work for.

The role of a modern PA is constantly changing, and no one knows it better than PAs themselves. In this article, we highlight some key skills and top tips that will help you excel as a PA in 2020.

Project Management

What Role Will Paralegals Play in the Future of Legal Services?

As the cost of the services of a talented Solicitor or Barrister skyrockets, and a reduction in legal aid continues, fewer consumers are finding that they can afford costly legal services. They are searching for an alternative.

Paralegals are emerging as that alternative, but the profession still remains an unknown quantity to all but the professional Paralegals themselves, particularly in the eyes of qualified lawyers, who believe Paralegals are simply “would-be Solicitors”.

Tips for Your 2020 Legal Job Search

The legal industry is a competitive field to gain work in, therefore it is wise to equip yourself as best as you can before starting your search for a new career in law. But how do you set yourself up for an effective job search?

We spoke to our partner and specialist legal recruiter Simply Law Jobs and asked their advice on starting a job search in the legal industry. These ten simple tips, which perhaps seem obvious but are often forgotten, will help you search for jobs more effectively and submit a stronger application for legal roles in 2020.

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Progressing from a Secretary to a Legal Secretary

The role of a Legal Secretary is much sought after among workers who want to pursue a career in law. It’s an ideal starting point at which to absorb knowledge of the industry before progressing through the ranks. There are many perks to working as a Legal Secretary – the salary is high compared to that of a standard Secretary and there is opportunity for generously paid overtime. The larger firms also generally offer health benefits and incentives such as ample holiday. London remains the main hub for legal firms, though there is a big market growing outside of the capital in major cities such as Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham. 

Benchmark Your Salary with TotallyLegal’s 2019 Audience Insight Report

In Autumn 2019, over 2,800 legal professionals responded to TotallyLegal’s annual salary survey, sharing the details of their working lives from job title and practice area to PQE level and salary.

From the data provided by our audience, we crafted the 2019 Audience Insight Report – a free to download overview of the legal profession that also allows you to benchmark your current earnings.

With annual pay rises of 54% and 55% respectively, the report revealed a rewarding year for the majority of Legal Secretaries and Legal PAs. Additionally, 50% of Legal PAs and 39% of Legal Secretaries were awarded a bonus on top of their basic salary.

In terms of the gender pay gap, female Legal Secretaries earned 8% more than their male colleagues, and female Legal PAs were awarded a significant 45% more than men in similar roles.