The Benefits of Specialising in One Area of Law

One of the great things about the Institute of Legal Secretaries and PAs is the fact that they present you with a choice to either study many different areas of law through their Legal Secretaries Diploma course, or alternatively, you may choose to study individual areas of law through their Single Subject Legal courses

If you have a particular interest in a certain area of law such as Litigation or Criminal Law, whether it is completely new to you or you are already working within that field, studying an individual course can prove to be very beneficial. It can help you become more of an expert in your chosen field, and your qualification will be attractive to the legal firms that specialise in your particular niche. Let’s take some time to look at the types of subject areas you can choose through ILSPA. 

You can take ILSPA’s Single Subject Legal courses through two different levels: foundation and advanced. The courses are available online so you can study by distance learning wherever you are in the world! 

Foundation level courses

The Institute of Legal Secretaries and PAs have carefully selected four subject areas in the foundation course level that best match the types of legal subject areas that Legal Secretaries and PAs will most commonly encounter in their everyday employment.

Civil Litigation: When someone has suffered a wrong in a non-criminal sense, how is the wrongdoer brought to justice? This is the fundamental question you will be able to answer when you undertake this course. From filing small claims in the County Court to dealing with litigation in the higher-ranking Civil Courts of this land, you will have a very good understanding of the civil legal system after studying this course.

Land Law and Conveyancing: This course will provide you with knowledge of how land law and conveyancing works in this country. From 1066 to the present day, you will learn how this country was slowly divided into the estates of leasehold and freehold land that exist today, and what procedures are involved in dealing with the Land Registry. The course covers the full conveyancing transaction process and helps you become familiar with the forms and documents required.

Family Law and Practice: What procedure is involved in pursuing a divorce from start to finish? To what extent are pre-nuptial agreements respected in England and Wales? These are just a couple of the issues you will learn on this course. You will also look at child welfare issues – the new law surrounding civil partnerships, and the forms and documents required within divorce proceedings.

Wills, Probate and Administration: This is an interesting subject area where you will learn all about the law of succession – the rules of inheritance. You will also understand whether or not a Will has been duly executed, and how to dispose of the deceased’s estate in accordance with their wishes and in respect of the applicable law. An understanding of the various documents and correspondence involved with this area is very beneficial. 

Advanced level courses

At the advanced level, you are able to undertake the subjects available at our foundation level; however, they will be at a much more in-depth level. Advanced level courses aim to make the student even more of an expert in his or her chosen field and to provide Paralegal skills. In addition, there are two other areas of law available to you at this level:

Corporate and Commercial: In a world that is becoming increasingly globalised when it comes to its commercial dealings, you will learn all about the rights, relations and conduct of persons and business engaged in commerce. Corporate and Commercial Law can prove to be one of the most lucrative legal niche areas, so this course really could prove to be the start of something great for you.

Criminal Law: This is the area of law that really does not require much in the way of an introduction. Criminal Law is often the subject that attracts students to study law in the first place, due to its interesting content. From dealing with summary offences through the local Magistrates’ Court to the big cases that make it to the Supreme Court, this advanced level course will ensure that you know how to deal with a criminal case and you are a professional in this niche.

Studying a Single Subject Legal course in the particular area of law that appeals to you the most can prove to be hugely advantageous. You can devote all of your energy into this niche alone, to focus on what you would like to specialise in during your career. If you are new to law or you have not studied for some time, start with a foundation course and work your way toward a certificate. If you feel you already have a good understanding of law and want to progress further, take an advanced course and receive a diploma upon completion. ILSPA’s qualifications are widely respected in the legal profession. 

Legal Secretaries Diploma Students will be pleased to hear they are entitled to a 20% discount on our advanced courses after graduating. We like to encourage people to advance their knowledge and skills, and one of ILSPA’s aims is to provide affordable training.

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