How to Get Noticed and Be Appreciated at Work in 2015

Passing below the radar can be easy to do when working in secretarial roles. People conducting their job perfectly might not receive the recognition that they deserve simply because everything is running smoothly and therefore they don’t draw attention to themselves. There are several things that you can do to make sure that your work doesn’t go unnoticed, and the New Year is the perfect time to start bringing attention to yourself. Make your resolution for 2015 to get yourself noticed at work and to make sure that you feel appreciated by your colleagues and bosses. 

Create personal relationships

If there are people within your organisation who you regularly have contact with through emails and letters but never face to face, there is a good chance that they won’t actually know who you are. It is difficult to appreciate someone if you don’t have a personal relationship with them. Deliver messages personally once in a while, take time to get to know your colleagues and bosses, or perhaps try to arrange a meeting to discuss details of a project rather than just communicating by email. This will create good relationships with people and make it easier for people to associate the great work you are doing with an actual human being rather than just a name on a screen.

Get more involved 

If there are things going on at work such as an important company meeting or a charity fundraiser, try to get involved in any way you can. You will get the chance to meet people from other departments, which will give you the opportunity to network and make a bigger contribution. If you show your willingness to help and go the extra mile, your colleagues will recognise your dedication. News will spread to your peers and superiors of how well you are doing, and this will create appreciation throughout the organisation.

Take credit

Make sure that you take credit for an idea or a piece of work which belongs to you. If you came up with an idea, or if you carried out the piece of work, then you should receive the recognition for doing so. It is essential that others are aware of exactly who was responsible and who should be rewarded. This can be achieved in a subtle way if you are not one to blow your own trumpet.

Make a note of your achievements

Each firm should give its employees an appraisal, and this is the perfect time to make sure that everything you have achieved has been noticed by your superiors. Keep a log of all the great work that you are doing and write down all the accomplishments that you are especially proud of. You can bring this with you to your appraisal and show your boss exactly how much you have done for the company. If anybody sends you an email or a message to compliment you or to congratulate you on your work, print it out and add it to the file. If you ever apply for a promotion, or a job in another firm, this will be a fantastic tool to have in an interview.

Gain extra qualifications

If you would like to gain a promotion within your organisation, it is beneficial to advance your knowledge and skills. The start of the New Year is a great time to take the plunge and take the courses you need to gain more responsibilities at work. If there is a particular field of law you are interested in, you could develop this and start on your journey to becoming an expert in that specific area. ILSPA provides Single Subject Legal courses in a range of subjects which can help you to specialise in your favourite area of law.  More information can be found at