Gain Valuable Paralegal Skills to Advance Your Career

Paralegals play an important part in the legal profession, helping Lawyers with cases, research and paperwork. While the Lawyer that a Paralegal works for is ultimately responsible for the work that is done, most Lawyers rely heavily on the services that Paralegals provide. Because paralegal work is so demanding, additional training can be useful in helping Paralegals develop new skills and advance their careers. Although there are a variety of options available to get this training, choosing the AH Paralegal Practical Skills Course can help existing Paralegals, and those wishing to become Paralegals, develop needed skills without undertaking months’ worth of study in addition to their regular work.

Who Is the Course Suitable For?

The AH Paralegal Practical Skills Course is also suitable for graduate students and undergraduates who are studying law, Legal Secretaries who want to improve their skill set and advance their careers, foreign lawyers who aren’t licensed to practice in the UK but who do hope to continue working in the legal field, and existing Paralegals wanting to gain new skills. Other professionals who are looking to change careers may also find the course suitable.

What Does the Course Cover?

The course provides a look at the legal profession as a whole, as well as the skills and knowledge that individuals will need to work as Paralegals. This knowledge includes the type of work that Paralegals are typically expected to perform, an understanding of not only how but why they do this work, and real-life examples of paralegal work to ensure that the work is both practical and relatable. All of this is covered in four consecutive days, with the structure being five distinct sections and a trip to the Royal Courts of Justice in London.

Does One Have to Attend in Person?

While the full course is designed for in-person attendance, a distance-learning option is also available at a discounted price. The distance-learning course covers three of the five course sections that are covered by the full course, as well as an additional section that is designed specifically for distance learning. The distance-learning course includes all course materials from those sections of the main course that are covered, as well as study notes and links to video tutorials that are hosted by the same tutor who teaches the in-person course. As the distance-learning course is designed to be taken within the comfort of one’s own home, there is no requirement to attend the courts unless the student wants to.

What Are the Benefits?

The primary benefit of taking the AH Paralegal Practical Skills Course is acquiring the knowledge and skills that it imparts to participants. It will not only improve the job prospects of Legal Secretaries and Paralegals but can also provide new options for those who are currently outside the legal profession. In addition, a one-year membership in the National Association of Licensed Paralegals (NALP) is included in the course fee for participants who take the full course. Note that this is not included in the distance-learning course fee, though participants who choose the distance-learning option who are interested in joining the NALP can apply for membership at a reduced price.

Is the Course Certified?

The course is accredited by the NALP, which promotes the status of Paralegals and Paralegal Training in the UK. NALP is recognized by Ofqual as a qualifications-awarding organization. 

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