Creating a Positive Work Environment – Part 1

We all strive or wish for a positive work environment so that we can effectively do our jobs and enjoy our roles.  This can be accomplished by listening to others and making sure that each of your colleagues feel valued and respected for what he or she does or has to say. 

One way to communicate openly is through team meetings to discuss your organisation’s values and goals, although it can also be done on a daily basis by being transparent and honest with your co-workers.  Asking for their ideas or thoughts on how they can individually contribute to the success of the company as well as to the team can help create unity.  Once they have shared their ideas, you can take time to share your own suggestions on how certain things can be done or your personal work ethic.  It is very beneficial to visualise everyone working together and being equal because every job is important in fulfilling the goals of an organisation.

If you see co-workers doing their work well, let them know about it.  Try to give your colleagues recognition and appreciation at every opportunity.  Showing appreciation to your fellow workers goes a long way in creating successful working relationships and a positive working environment.  Remember, you are all working as a team for the same goal.

ILSPA strongly believes in working together as a team and valuing each other for our individual roles.  We have regular discussions and team meetings, and everyone has valid input.  We hope that you can achieve the same through our series of articles.