Could You Wear the Same Outfit for a Month?

It sounds like a difficult task, doesn’t it? Questions might pop into your head like “How would I keep it clean?” or “What will people think of me?” However, Marina Testino put her reservations aside and did exactly that. Her intention was to dispel the belief that we need to continually wear new clothes to keep up with fashion, and she simply wore the same red suit for one month. Whilst finding it liberating not having to choose something different to wear each day, she made an important statement about consumerism. There is a lot to be said for keeping things simple. You can find Marina on Instagram @ #onedresstoimpress.

The fashion industry is considered to be the second largest polluter in the world, after the oil industry. All too often, we can be guilty of going shopping when we need to lift our mood or we want to impress others. Whilst wearing the same outfit for a month might not be appealing, there are many ways in which we can reduce our footprint when it comes to fashion. Here are some ideas.

Buy second-hand clothes

There are some great sites where we can buy preloved clothes. eBay is one of the most popular; however, there has recently been a surge in other sites dedicated purely to selling second-hand clothes. Vinted, Thrift+ and Oafo are very good, amongst many others. The great thing about purchasing previously owned clothes is that they won’t go needlessly to landfill and we will be saving resources through not purchasing new items. We can also sell our own unwanted clothes. What you might not like anymore may be very much loved by someone else.

Create a capsule wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe consists of a small number of clothing items which mix and match together well. It is about appreciating your favourite pieces and getting rid of anything which doesn’t suit you or go with the rest of your clothes. The first step you need to take when creating a capsule wardrobe is to go through your clothes and have a clear-out. You will also need to be clear about your style. Any clothes that you decide not to keep can be sold through a preloved clothing site or be given to charity. Minimising your wardrobe will help you live more simply, and you will not be so tempted to randomly buy new items.

Repair clothes which are damaged

The days when people took time to mend holes or tears in their clothes seem to be long gone. Due to our fast-changing and disposable culture, we tend to discard anything which is damaged and buy new clothes to replace them. In past generations, it was commonplace to take care of one’s clothes and make them last. If you have a hole in your jumper or a faulty zip in your trousers, why not repair it instead of throwing it away? If you don’t know how to mend clothes yourself, there are plenty of educational videos on YouTube. We have a wealth of great resources on the Internet to help us learn any skills these days.

Rent clothes

If you really cannot get by without continually refreshing your wardrobe, there is a new sustainable way of wearing new clothes. Through a fab online company called The Devout, you can rent clothing for any occasion. If you want to wear a new jacket for work or hire a designer dress for a party, you can choose from a range of good-quality items which are kept in excellent condition. Baukjen is another eco-conscious company where you can hire practical and fashionable pieces of clothing and be involved with a revolutionary way of keeping up with fashion.

As individuals, we all play a part in what is happening to the planet. Making conscious daily choices where we are mindful of how we consume will help avert the climate crisis.