Computer Tricks Everyone Should Know

IT tricksHave you ever felt as though you spend a good portion of your working day doing trivial things on your Windows desktop – highlighting sentences, minimising and maximising windows and applications, endlessly right-clicking on things and scrolling through context menus? If so then this list is for you. Now you can wow your colleagues with your IT savvy, using this list of tricks every Windows user should know:

  1. Delete an entire word using Ctrl + Backspace; recover something you deleted with Alt + Backspace.
  2. Did you accidentally close a tab? Don’t stress, because Shift + Ctrl + T opens your last closed tab in most browsers.
  3. Quickly rename highlighted files by pressing F2.
  4. Increase and decrease the font size in most web browsers by holding Ctrl and pressing the + or – symbols. Holding Ctrl+0 resets it to its original size
  5. In Windows 7, you can press Windows + 1 to open the first pinned program on the task bar, Windows + 2 for the second, etc. If you open Windows Explorer this way, you’ll get libraries. Windows + E will bring up the computer’s drive list (formerly known as “My Computer”).
  6. Need to close all your windows and go to your desktop in a hurry? Press the Windows Button + D and hide all your open windows instantly.
  7. To quickly select a word without dragging your mouse around, simply double-click the word you want to highlight. You can triple-click to highlight a whole paragraph.
  8. Alt + Print Screen will take a screen shot of the current window/application which is in focus. This is great for making training documentation

I hope you find these tips useful during your working day. If you have any other tricks that you would like to share, feel free to add them in the comments section for this article.