Top 6 Legal Podcasts to Listen to in 2021

Podcasts are one of the most rapidly growing media forms of the 21st century. In 2020, an estimated 15.6 million listeners tuned in, with more than £33 million being spent on podcast advertising as businesses sought to capitalise on this boom.

For those with very little spare time on their hands – such as legal professionals – podcasts are an excellent way to digest information while going about everyday life. You can listen to a podcast while walking, running, commuting or cooking, and take in new and fascinating information in the process.

There is a plethora of excellent legal podcasts available in the UK, so it can be hard to know where to start. We’ve compiled a list of our top six legal podcasts to get you started.

UK Law Weekly

With episodes at just 10 minutes long, this legal podcast is served in perfect bite-sized chunks, allowing you to focus on and digest recent legal decisions and news. Hosted by Marcus Cleaver, a former university lecturer in law, the podcast concentrates on a different case each week, ranging from housing and immigration cases to international commercial patent controversies. If you’re curious about the particularities of cases, this legal podcast is for you.

More From Law with Harry Clark

If you’re looking to “broaden your legal horizon”, this podcast will help you do that. Host Harry speaks with a variety of interviewees (partners, trainees, recruiters, entrepreneurs – you name them, Harry has spoken to them), providing commentary, discussion and deep-dive analysis on the latest developments in the legal industry. This podcast not only touches on an assortment of legal ideas, but also looks at other aspects of the profession – leadership, communication, public speaking, well-being and more. With episodes at around 30 minutes each, it’s perfect for listening to during a lunchtime walk or while you’re making dinner.

Law Pod UK

Brought to you by barristers at One Crown Office Row, Law Pod UK covers aspects of civil and public law in the UK. Primarily hosted by Rosalind English and Emma-Louise Fenlon, the podcast welcomes specialist guests to provide detailed and interesting discussion points on the most current legal news. The podcast’s sessions throughout 2020 provide a particularly detailed analysis on how the pandemic has affected different areas of law, such as the privacy issues surrounding tracking, rights in the time of quarantine, and climate change. The regular weekly updates are a quick and sure-fire way of enhancing your understanding and knowledge of legal affairs.

BBC Radio 4’s Law in Action

Radio 4’s long-running legal magazine programme, hosted by Joshua Rozenberg QC, is a fascinating report on a range of matters related to law. Delving through the archives back to 2016, you will find podcasts on topics such as acid attacks, online abuse, what it’s really like to be in prison, Brexit and more. While the topics alone are riveting, it is also interesting to see not only how the law has changed in the past few years, but also what has been considered newsworthy.  

Legal Current

Legal Current is a specialist podcast produced by Thomson Reuters, featuring information and commentary on the business and practice of law. This legal podcast addresses a variety of topics from a business perspective. Available episodes include those on high-profile celebrity cases (So You Think You Can Carlton Dance?), historical interest (The Real Black Klansman – a conversation with Ron Stallworth) and white paper cases. This podcast also looks at international legal cases – a great way to compare and contrast the global legal sphere.

Talking Law with Sally Penni

Talking Law is an excellent listen. Multi-award-winning barrister Sally Penni, founder and chair of Women in the Law UK, profiles leading figures in UK law, discussing the highs and lows of their careers as well as the realities of the legal profession. Guests have included Chris Daw QC, Mary Prior QC and Lady Hale as well as a few celebrity surprises, with the likes of Robert Rinder (of Judge Rinder fame) and The Secret Barrister (voiced by an actor) making appearances. It’s a brilliant legal podcast for an in-depth look at what it takes to be at the top of your game.

Of course, this list is just the beginning. With a quick internet search, you’ll be able to find podcasts particular to your practice area – or perhaps this has inspired you to start your own! Happy listening.

All podcasts are available on Apple Podcasts.

Article contributed by TotallyLegal