Brush Up Your Secretarial Skills at Home

Secretarial Skills.jpgAre you studying a Legal Secretary course and need to improve your everyday secretarial skills? Or maybe you are qualified as a Legal Secretary but feel you need to improve your everyday secretarial skills on the latest software?

Lewis College provides a range of distance learning courses for secretaries, and the Institute of Legal Secretaries and PAs has kindly asked us to discuss some of the courses we offer.

Our main secretarial course is the Executive Secretary Diploma, and this covers a range of topics, including IT units based on Microsoft Office, Administration units covering topics such as supporting business events and meetings and composing business documents, and Business Documents, where you will work on letters, reports and audio transcription, amongst others.

The diploma also includes Personal Development Skills such as communication skills and people management skills.

The course is designed for current secretaries looking to develop their skills and increase job opportunities.

As an alternative, we have a shorter course: the Secretary Certificate. Made up of just 15 modules in comparison to the diploma’s 27, the Secretary Certificate focuses on the key topics only. This is perfect for brushing up your skills or if you are looking to move into a secretarial role as a beginner.

Both secretarial courses are studied at Level 2.

If you are looking to study at a higher level, our PA courses are studied at Level 3 and cover the secretarial skills mentioned above but in more depth. Our flagship and most popular course at the college is the Executive PA Diploma. As well as the overarching Executive PA Diploma, you will also receive diplomas for each topic covered: IT, Administration, Business Documents and PA Skills.

As opposed to supporting roles, this course is designed for those of you looking to take the reins and organise business trips, meetings and events. Lead a team on designing new promotional material for your company with your IT skills. Set the standard for professional documents in your office.

In the next step up are our Executive Assistant Diploma and Office Manager Diploma courses. Both include a diploma studied at Level 4, and the tasks move into the management level, which more and more assistants are covering these days. You will chair meetings, review staff training, lead teams and deliver presentations.

If you feel you just need to work on one area such as your IT skills, we also offer individual certificates and diplomas on each topic.

We have a wide range available to suit your specific needs.

All courses are accredited by NCFE under their IIQ licence.

You can study at home or in the workplace as we are a distance learning college and have over 35 years of experience training PAs, Secretaries and Administrators.

For more information, please visit or email