Best Twitter Accounts to Follow for a Budding Career in Law

With hundreds of Twitter accounts dishing out the latest law updates, it can be difficult to separate the useful from the useless. Twitter has masses of info, advice and tips to offer you - simply searching ‘#law’ will generate thousands, maybe even millions, of results. Click on the right accounts though, and you could be on to a winner - reading all the latest law ‘need-to-knows’ and storming up the legal-professional ladder.

However, to save you from the ceaseless searching, we’ve teamed up with Surrey-based solicitor Barlow Robbins to help scope out every nook and cranny of the Twittersphere and unearthed the best law-based accounts to help you succeed and flourish in your law career. Grab your mobile, tablet or laptop and have a gander at these top tweeters:

1.@LawCareers.Net15k followers. Regular tweets, job postings, careers in and around law, advice and support. Aimed at recent graduates and trainee legal professionals. They also frequently retweet other top-quality law blogs for the latest news and information. Make sure you follow if you’re looking down the law career path but are not sure which direction to take.

2. ​​​@LegalWeek & @LegalWeekJobs59.7k followers. ‘News and features on law firms, lawyers and legal developments, plus blogs, briefings, jobs and more.’

Legal Week is dedicated exclusively to commercial lawyers in the UK and major international jurisdictions. Providing daily news alerts in print, in person and online. It is the only legal title to ever win the publishing industry’s most coveted award – the PPA Business Magazine of the year!

3.  @FindLawLP21.9k followers. ‘Especially designed for lawyers & legal professionals with tweets relevant to the business of law and your legal interests.’ Providing hints and tips for successful law practice, online legal information and services for lawyers, businesses and individuals since 1996.

4. @SeanSmithLegal175k followers. Extremely influential legal professional. ‘Legal Services Enabler & Entrepreneur. Former CEO Mackesys Law. Global Top 10 ranked Legal Industry & Recruitment social media influence.’ Sean Smith updates his masses of followers by tweeting legal advice and personal updates and retweeting key social media influencers.

5. @London_Law_Firm20.1k followers. Tweets written by Chris Sherliker – founding partner of Silverman Sherliker LLP (founded in 1981) and one of the very first UK solicitors to engage in Twitter.

6. @JoshuaRozenberg32.3k followers. Rozenberg’s Twitter bio describes him as ‘Britain’s best-known commentator on the law.’ Rozenberg has attracted a large Twitter following and is most commonly recognised as a former lawyer turned BBC journalist who is frequently asked to broadcast on breaking legal news.

7.@lawsocgazette57k followers. One of the top legal Twitter accounts for the ‘latest, quality news and analysis for solicitors, barristers, trainees and aspiring lawyers.’ The Law Society Gazette posts on a daily basis about breaking legal news and also provides helpful tips for aspiring legal professionals. Follow them if you’re looking for legal inspiration and to keep ‘in the know’.

These are our top legal tweets, so start following for all your essential law updates! If you’ve got any recommendations, know of any inspirational legal blogs and forums, or just want to share some general legal advice, then make sure you comment below.

Barlow Robbins LLP