What is it Really Like to be a PA?

A personal assistant position can vary hugely from one role to the next, depending on the support the individual or team requires. This makes it an exciting career and allows relevant skills to be transferred across different industry sectors. If you are considering looking for a PA role but want more information on what it is really like to be a personal assistant, read on!


Whilst no two PA roles are the same, there are several common tasks we see in most PA positions. These include:

How to Answer: “What Do you Know About the Company?”

Before we start, we need to understand what a job interview is. It’s not to be taken lightly, especially if you want to land the job you are striving for. A job interview is a formal meeting between you and your potential employer.

You are asked questions about yourself, your educational background, your work experience and how you can be a relevant asset to the company. When you go for such a meeting, one of the first questions you will be asked is “What do you know about our company?”

The Art of Subtle Self-Promotion

As an administrative professional, you’re used to working behind the scenes. However, to keep your career moving forward, you need to practice some self-promotion.

There’s a big difference between bragging and subtle self-promotion. Bragging is implying that you’re somehow better than others. For instance, “I was just promoted to team lead and got a big raise because I’m the best admin ever!”

Self-promotion can be just simply stating a fact. For example, “After five years with my company, I finally got the promotion I’ve been working towards. It feels rewarding to have accomplished my goal.”

Why You Should Share Your Accomplishments

Sharing your accomplishments is a necessary part of your career development. Here’s why:

The Value of Peer Support

We all know the phrases ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ or ‘it’s good to talk’ but the benefits in talking about how you are feeling go far beyond this. When we are in a difficult situation, we lose our problem-solving abilities. It can be impossible to focus and it can seem overwhelming to choose what action to take. Sometimes a listening ear and a nudge in the right direction is all we need to move on. Social and emotional support and the role of individuals, families and communities in delivering this are vital to managing wellbeing. We all need someone to talk to about personal matters without judgement and in confidence. To listen to us and offer help when things get on top of us.

Civil Litigation - Recent Developments in Fixed Costs

This month we will consider some changes to Part 45 of the Civil Procedural Rules (CPR) that will affect how legal costs are recovered in some civil cases. These changes were first suggested in the 2013 Jackson report, which considered whether more proportionate costs could be achieved with changes to procedures. Following consultations in 2019 it is now expected that in October 2022 there will be a significant development in expanding the use of fixed costs making way for the creation of “intermediate” cases. 

The Importance of Creating a Social Portfolio

If you’ve followed me for long, you’ve likely heard me say that, aside from a current resume, a professional portfolio is the single best thing you can do for your career.

A portfolio isn’t just for job-seekers. It demonstrates your achievements when your annual review comes around. It proves your value to your executive and organisation. It can help you secure a promotion or a raise. If your dream job suddenly becomes available, an updated professional portfolio allows you to act immediately, while other candidates could be scrambling to get their information current.

How to Manage Stress Working in the Legal Industry

The legal sector has long been fast-paced and high-pressure. For some, the number of deadlines to fulfil and the amount of information to remember might become overwhelming. Like many professionals, people in the legal sector have had to adjust to the ‘new normal' created by the COVID-19 pandemic, adding to their existing responsibility.

There's nothing wrong with feeling a little stressed out; it helps us perform better when juggling multiple tasks or responsibilities that require focus (and yes, I'm looking directly at you, solicitors). However, if it prevents you from properly functioning, it is best to take action.

How to Negotiate a Pay Rise as an Assistant

The thought of asking your boss for a pay rise or a promotion is always nerve-wracking, and can strike fear in the most confident of business support professionals. Not only do many people often overthink the approach but the assumption of a negative response or reaction to your request makes the idea of putting yourself out there feel a lot worse than it is.

Remember, your boss is only human, and to get to where they are today means that they would have been in the same position as you are at one point in their career too.

If asking for a promotion or pay rise has been on your mind lately (or even over the last few months) take a look at our guide below to give your confidence a boost and kickstart the process of receiving exactly what you think you are worthy of!