3 Law Blogs You Need to Be Reading

When working in a fast-paced industry like law, it’s vital to keep up with all the latest news, views and developments. Thankfully, there are some clever legal eagles out there who run some pretty impressive blogs filled with all the latest information. We’ve chosen a few of our favourites that you simply must be reading.

Roll on Friday

Roll on Friday is a blog like no other in the industry. Working similarly to a social media site, it’s a unique place for law workers to discuss what’s going on in their careers, asking questions like “Which restaurant in London should I take my new client?”

Budding lawyers and barristers can look for friendly and confidential inside advice on standard pay, benefits and perks from experienced industry workers.


Stowe Family Law

Created and run by Leeds-based divorce law expert Marilyn Stowe, the blog provides an incredibly in-depth insight into all aspects of family law, from gay marriage and custody information to the financial aspects and concerns of a divorce.

Marilyn has been featured on Sky News and ITV’s This Morning, and has had pieces published in The Huffington Post and The Times, so you’re guaranteed her information is the best around.


Jack of Kent

Although an informative blog for legal professionals, the great thing about this is that it helps to show non-legals how to understand difficult aspects of the industry and hard-to-understand aspects of cases.

Run by lawyer and writer David Allen Green, the blog uses social media and public understanding to interact with the general public to help those looking for law advice.


So that’s the three legal blogs we think you need to be reading this week! Looking for the latest jobs in the legal industry? Simply Law Jobs is the only place you’ll need to look!

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