The Institute’s New Crest

We are proud to present our new crest to you. It expresses some relevant meanings, encompassing the characteristics, work and role of Legal Secretaries and PAs.

The colours blue, white and maroon have been chosen to promote the attributes of truth, loyalty, sincerity and patience. These qualities will hold you in good stead throughout your career, ensuring that you are trusted and respected by your employers and colleagues.

The crest’s chevron symbolises someone who has completed work of faithful service, whilst the star provides additional meaning, representing a noble person and excellence. Through our guidance, Members of the Institute are encouraged to be at the top at their profession, to commit to their career and to be faithful to their work.

A unicorn is a common element of a crest and is included on the royal coat of arms. It embodies courage, virtue and strength. Successful Legal Secretaries possess these traits and excel in their careers by being bold.

Lastly, it is nice to be eternally and affectionately remembered in our careers, and the acacia-style leaves signify these sentiments.

Our crest is a design which has been created by several members of the ILSPA team. Our combined work produced this powerful symbol for our Members, and we trust that you gain strength from it throughout your career.

Crests have been used throughout history – at first in the 12th century by feudal lords and knights as a way to set allies apart from enemy soldiers on the battlefield. Over time, other social classes who were not involved in battle started to use crests for their own purposes. Even towns and cities used crests to seal and authenticate documents.

During the 13th century, peasants and commoners adopted these symbols, and in most of Europe people freely used crests for a variety of purposes, including family emblems.

Crests are still commonly used in the 21st century, especially by educational institutions such as the Institute of Legal Secretaries and PAs, ILEX, the Institute of Paralegals, and many different universities.