ILSPA’s New Legal Secretaries Diploma Course

With the fantastic launch of ILSPA’s new website comes our new Legal Secretaries Diploma course.

We have added an additional unit to the course on Family Law and Practice, which means that Students will have even better job prospects once they have qualified. The course now covers the four most common practice areas which are worked on in law firms and legal departments.

Not only have we added an extra unit to the course, but Students are now able to study online. The online course material provides a learning aid for both distance learning and evening class Students.

All the course material can be accessed through the Membership area of our website, which includes a wealth of Student resources to help and support Students throughout their studies.

The course material can be viewed from anywhere Students have an Internet connection. They can access it from their phones or tablets. There will no longer be a need to be anchored to a computer or laptop which has a CD drive.

The course will be regularly updated online, which will ensure that Students are studying material which is current with changes in law and legal procedures. This will eliminate the need for Students to request updated course material from us, as they can just log in and access the latest version of our course material live.

Students who enrolled for the Legal Secretaries Diploma course before 1 August have the option to study the new unit, although it is not compulsory, as it was not set out in the previous syllabus. Students who enrol after 1 August are required to complete all the units included in the new course syllabus to gain the Legal Secretaries Diploma qualification. When qualifying, the Diploma Certificate will now state the exact units passed.

The course material has also received a beautiful redesign with attractive fonts, images and visual learning aids to enhance Students' studies. We are very pleased with the presentation of the course.

If you have any queries about the course material or you need to request your Membership login details for our website so that you can gain access, call us on 0207 1009210 or email us at