ILSPA’s New Website Provides More Benefits for Members

The Institute is delighted to inform you that our new website will be launched on Wednesday 6 June. We have worked on it with much love and care to provide our Members and the public with an attractive and welcoming place to find the information they need to progress in their careers. ILSPA is dedicated to helping you with your career every step of the way, and we will be providing more benefits for Members.

One of the many benefits of Membership is having access to the exclusive Membership area on our website. This has been redesigned and encompasses a wealth of useful information and resources for Members:

Student Resources

If you are studying an ILSPA course, this area will help you with your studies and career. It includes information about our tour of the Royal Courts of Justice, how we can help you to secure employment, study advice, students’ experiences, additional courses you can take to enhance your career prospects and how you can obtain an NUS Extra card.

Discussion Forum

Our discussion forum is open to all Members and is a great place to communicate with each other. You can let us know about your studies and career or seek help to find out information. ILSPA unites Legal Secretaries and PAs at all levels, and we want to make you feel like you are part of a community.

Securing Employment

You can find all the advice you need on how to secure employment in this area. It includes information on how we can provide you with step-by-step CV help to ensure that you present a document which is attractive and effective in your job search. You are able to download a copy of our CV help document and Career Guidance Manual as well as having access to our Legal Secretary Jobs Board.

CPD Programme

Our CPD programme encourages you to advance your knowledge and skills in order to enhance the quality of your work. We aim to recognise your progression throughout your career and we support your accomplishments by awarding you an attractive CPD certificate. You can find information in this section on our CPD Programme and courses you can take to develop yourself professionally. It also includes articles on professional development to help you in your career.

IT Tips and Advice

If you need IT help or would like to learn some computer tips, this section includes interesting articles to help you improve your skills. It is essential for Legal Secretaries and PAs to be computer literate, and you can find very helpful advice here.

Legal News and Journals

There is a great deal of legal news and knowledge to be found on the Internet which we have accumulated in one area. As well as our Legal Secretary Journal, you have access to many online legal sources, journals and blogs to advance your knowledge of law and legal procedures.

Member Discounts

ILSPA Members are entitled to exclusive discounts on professional development courses through Reed Learning and the Level 4 Paralegal Diploma course through the National Association of Licensed Paralegals. ILSPA Student Members can purchase an NUS Extra card and receive great discounts on fashion, food and drink, going out, health and beauty, travel and accommodation.

Career Advice

In this section you can read about other Members’ experiences to provide you with insight and encouragement. There are also articles which will help you to gain confidence and make the right choices for your career.

You will be able to take a look at the new Membership area and ILSPA website on Wednesday.  We will send you a reminder of our launch by email on the day.