Celebrate National PA Day at Office in London

National PA DayIf you haven’t already heard, 12 September 2012 is National PA Day. This will be the 2nd annual celebration of Britain’s PAs – the people who make Britain’s offices work – so why not be part of it by spending the day with your fellow PAs at Office?

This annual day will celebrate Britain’s PAs – the unsung heroes of Britain’s offices – and aims to highlight the increasing importance of the estimated 600,000 highly skilled PAs working in offices across the UK and to promote the profession to well-educated young people seeking an exciting and stimulating career.

We don’t need to tell you you’re special – you already know that much. The very nature of your role means that you offer constant support to your boss and colleagues, regularly go above and beyond, keep a cool head and frequently work as many out-of-hours as are necessary to get what needs doing done. So this day’s for you – YOU multi-tasking masters of everything and anything who help make Britain’s offices work!

Penni Pike, Richard Branson’s Executive Personal Assistant of 31 years, is the Ambassador of National PA Day 2012. She says: “I’m delighted to be involved with the Office show and with National PA Day. They both underline that, as the world gets ever more complex, an outstanding PA remains one of the keys to success.”

Want to get involved?

Then spread the word and book your ticket to Office today! Register here:  https://secure.smartregister.co.uk/events/divcom/2012/Office/pages/pagestart.aspx?code=OFF462

Being a PA requires great skills, dedication and judgment, which deserve recognition. National PA Day seeks to do just that. Ask your company to invest in your development by allowing you to spend the 12 September at Office, the most important training, learning and networking event – dedicated to YOUR profession – taking place in the UK this year.

Ali Mead – Event Manager