Help Our Senior Executive to Fundraise for Underprivileged Children in India

FiundraisingI would like to share my recent experience of working with children in India with our Members. For many years, it has been one of my goals to dedicate some of my time to underprivileged children in a poor country and at last I have had the opportunity to fulfil it. Fortunately the wonders of the Internet enabled me to continue my work for the Institute at the same time.

I have been helping a very worthwhile charity called El Shaddai, which has homes, shelters, a school and various projects in India that save children from neglect, abuse, homelessness and starvation. The charity provides them with the basic necessities of life, such as education, food, clothing and love, and therefore helps them to have a positive future. I really enjoyed my time with the children and feel very happy to have helped implement some positive changes whilst I was there. The children I met under El Shaddai’s care were a real testament to the wonderful people who founded the charity. The children are open, receptive, loving and keen to learn. They have been given the chance to have fulfilling lives and they are very grateful for it.

FundraisingThe charity caught my attention when I was in India last year on holiday. The suffering and poverty of children there is very sad to see, so I was pleased to discover that there are people helping them out of distressing situations. El Shaddai’s slogan is “Let there be no child on the streets without a proper childhood”, and they need help to be able to fulfil their dream. It is very important that they are able to continue their good work and expand their reach. Donations from people who care about the suffering children of this world are much needed.

We have just celebrated Christmas and children in countries as fortunate as ours receive an abundance of gifts from their loving families. Unfortunately these children do not have the love and generosity of their families and rely on the kindness of other people to help them live decent lives.  You can put the wonderful gift of a smile on the face of an underprivileged child by making a donation.  It will give you the chance to do something meaningful for the New Year.

I have set up a fund-raising page for El Shaddai at If this is of interest to you, please take the time to read the page and take a look at the photos of the children. I would be so grateful if you can help me with this very worthy cause and make a donation. If you would like more information about the charity, take a look at their website at

Thank you and best wishes in your studies and careers for 2010!