A Chance to Share Your Legal Secretary Role on Film

CareersINFO produce careers job profile films for young people and are looking to create film content for their online careers resource Skills Explorer: http://www.skillsexplorer.com/. Skills Explorer gives users a chance to explore their skills and career options through videos.

The main aim is to educate young people in schools about the different work opportunities available to them. To that end, Skills Explorer is a free new way for students to connect with world-of-work job profile films, giving users a chance to explore their skills and career options like never before.

Skills Explorer supports classroom, workshop and one-to-one career discussions with tailor-made talking points, learning opportunities and next steps for students, careers advisers and teachers alike.

Students share and shape their opinions and experiences of work in six key areas. These individual answers then create a one-page Skills Report offering personal feedback, a short list of closely matched job profiles, and suggestions for next steps with advisers and teachers.

Currently, they are seeking a Legal Secretary job profile from someone who lives in Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Norfolk, Suffolk or Essex and would like one of our Members to assist. All they need is around an hour of your time. This would involve around 20 minutes chatting about your job, explaining what you do on a daily basis, then the rest of the time to film a few shots of you working, if your employer is agreeable.

An example of a typical case study film can be found here: http://www.careersbox.co.uk/films/careersbox/?filmID=3574&jumppage=2 

If you are interested, please call Mark Pirrie on 01223 410333 or 07814 479169. Mark’s email address is mark.pirrie@careersinfo.co.uk.