Would You Like to Contribute to a Channel 4 Film?

Silver River Productions have been asked by Channel 4 to produce a new history series that tells the story of social change over the past 40 years through the stories of four different professions – Doctors, Police Officers, Teachers and Secretaries.

The films will be constructed from the testimonies of workers. Each profession’s history will be told from the perspective of the people who lived through it, telling stories that are funny, shocking and revealing and giving viewers a personal, human insight into social changes we’ve all taken for granted.

One of the films will build a history of Britain through the prism of Secretaries, examining how broader historical changes have affected people working in that sector. They are looking for those everyday anecdotal stories which tell the story of the broader changes in our country over the last 40 years, be they political, technological, legal or cultural.

They are looking to speak to Legal Secretaries who have worked since the 1970s, to get an insight into the key turning points and social themes that have impacted their working environments over the past 40 years. They are also keen to speak to Legal Secretaries who began their careers in the 80s, 90s and 2000s. If you would be happy to share your experiences in a confidential research chat, then please contact Catherine Stefanini at Catherine.Stefanini@silverriver.tv.