January 2013

Family Law – Children’s Interests to Be Given First Priority

Family LawDuring the Queen’s Speech of May 2012, an announcement was made regarding a new bill of law that is aimed at improving the lives of children and families. The bill seeks to implement plans that will permit parents to share parental leave, enabling the father to also take time off during a maternity leave, for example. The bill also proposes to make the process of adoption easier for international families.

How Best to Memorise During Your Studies

memorise-studiesThe school years may be a distant memory for some, but study and work habits that ground us in later life (while often taken for granted) are often set in place during this formative phase in our lives. This is not to say that one cannot change one’s study habits, but if good practices are put in place during the school years, studying as an adult will be that much easier.

National PA Day Survey

At the Office Show towards the end of 2012, National PA Day celebrated Britain’s estimated 600,000 highly skilled Personal Assistants, showcasing the increasing importance of PAs working in offices throughout the nation. The aim of National PA Day was to promote this exciting and stimulating profession amongst well-educated, career-minded young people.

Relaxation Exercise: The Whiteboard

relaxation-excerciseThis is the second article in my series of relaxation exercises. The whiteboard exercise, which I will describe here, is useful to reset the mind to shift away from any particularly negative things and instead focus on things which are positive and supportive for you. No actual whiteboard is necessary! You just need to plan some time when you are unlikely to be disturbed and can be quiet for a while.


Time to Put an End to Gazumping!

gazumping‘Gazumping’ may sound like something big, fluffy bunny rabbits in a fairy-tale land do – perhaps a term used in the place of ‘jumping for joy’. But in reality it is a deeply unscrupulous and alarmingly common malpractice in real estate. Gazumping is shockingly common in England and Wales, and the fact that it happens is not nearly as shocking as the fact that it is legally allowed to happen.