December 2012

Don’t Get Mad – Get eDiscovery!

 “King’s letters could be musings of a mad man” read the headline in Monday’s Metro (19 November 2012). 

What followed was a story describing how scientists at the University of London will attempt to analyse the letters of King George III using technology to look for patterns of words that might give some indication as to his state of mind at the time of writing. The idea of looking for relationships between words struck me as a familiar one.

Legal PA of the Year Awards 2012

On Wednesday 14 November, ILSPA co-sponsored and attended the Legal PA of the Year Awards 2012, which was hosted by Strictly Legal – a globally operating recruitment agency based in London. The awards ceremony took place at McQueen in Shoreditch, which won an award itself for being London’s best bar in 2010.

Relaxation Exercise – The Inner Smile

It’s essential to take the time to relax – to take a break from other things: work, home, other people. It is vital to maintain ourselves and our health, both physically and mentally. We really need to give priority to the time to relax regularly in order to recharge the batteries. Things can take on a fresh perspective when we make this time for ourselves; we can become more resilient and calmer all round.

Should Prisoners Have the Right to Vote?

A topic that has been in the news a lot recently is the question of whether prisoners should be allowed to vote in the UK. The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that preventing prisoners from voting essentially denies them their human rights and is therefore against the law. In our society, there is a variety of opinions on this matter, and while Prime Minister David Cameron is vehemently opposed to the idea, Parliament is set to debate this question and make a ruling. 

Strictly the Best! Angela Dyos Wins Legal PA of the Year Award

angela-dyosIn front of an enthusiastic crowd of more than 200 attending the first national awards ceremony dedicated to legal services support staff, Angela Dyos from Clifford Chance was named 2012 Legal PA of the Year.

Angela, still a little dazed after receiving her award, said; I can't believe I have won. I have never done anything like this before. It has taken me out my comfort zone, as I have been with the same company for 18 years. It has been so rewarding.

Trainee Legal Secretary Scheme 2013

Top London law firm Berwin Leighton Paisner (BLP) has been running a trainee Legal Secretary (TLS) scheme for over 10 years with a fantastic success rate. The last five years alone have seen 100% retention, with all the programme’s trainee Legal Secretaries securing permanent secretarial positions within the firm.

A Lawyer’s Interesting and Embarrassing Experiences – Part 2

Last month, I promised to tell you about my ‘run-in’ with His Honour Judge Claude Duveen of Slough County Court. This happened in the mid-1970s whilst I was with Campbell Hooper & Austin Wright at their Sunningdale/Ascot branch office – a very upmarket firm with some famous clients, such as Diana Dors, England’s answer to Marilyn Monroe. In fact, Ms. Dors was the English equivalent of all the blonde bombshells of Hollywood.