November 2012

A Lawyer’s Interesting and Embarrassing Experiences - Part 1

Many people think that lawyers are dull fellows (or Fellows) and picture them wading through dusty tomes in dusty offices with quill pens in hand and sour expressions on their sour faces. Not a bit of it! (Although, I must admit, I can think of one firm of Solicitors in a smallish town in Devon, not a million miles away from Exeter, that does not seem to have been able to dig itself out of the Dickensian past – but they are an exception.)

Are You Assertive?

Everyone recalls a time or a particular situation when we wish we had been more assertive. Assertive communication is all about putting our point of view over – clearly and calmly, free from the distortion of mood or circumstances – so that we can best communicate how we feel about something and what we need as a result.

Solar Panel Installations

Last month we looked at the Green Deal. Another trend for renewable energy in homes is the installation of solar PV (photovoltaic) technology. 

The Feed-In Tariff was launched in April 2010 and aimed to encourage Britons to install renewable energy systems. The tariff rewards the owners of green energy systems by paying them for the power they create. From 1 April 2012, the Feed-In Tariff available from the installation of solar panel arrays has been linked to energy efficiency ratings, and therefore homeowners are no longer automatically entitled to the highest tariff rates available. Although this may have had a negative impact on the number of people signing up for the program, PV technology has been included in the Government's list of approved energy-efficient measures for Green Deal qualification, and therefore it is forecast to deliver a welcome boost to the solar industry.

Study Matrimonial, Civil Partnership and Family Proceedings Law

The Institute of Legal Secretaries and PAs features a range of single-subject legal courses which are designed to provide you with a good understanding of one specific area of law. Whether you are already working within a certain area of law and want to advance your knowledge, or you would like to secure a position in an area that interests you, ILSPA’s single-subject legal courses are the perfect way to focus on exactly what you want to learn in order to have a successful career.