November 2011

The Recent Vote for a Referendum on EU Membership

If you have studied the Legal Secretaries Diploma course through the Institute of Legal Secretaries and PAs, you will have touched upon the constitution of the United Kingdom and perhaps you have felt quite confused over what should transpire, according to the statutes and common law that have been formulated over many centuries and what really happens in reality.

Tips and Tricks to Help You Through the Day

Prioritise tasks using the Windows 7 taskbar

When you look at the Windows taskbar, you probably would never think that it can be used as an effective to- do list. Windows 7 allows you to drag application icons on the taskbar to the left and right, however, and you can use this to prioritise your tasks at hand. Arrange your open applications from left to right according to priority. For example, if answering email is your most important task, keep Outlook to the left, followed by that Word document you need to work on before lunch, then your case management system and finally the game of solitaire that you hope to win once you have completed your pressing tasks.

Paralegal Skills Can Enhance Your Employability

If you have been thinking about pursuing a career as a Paralegal or you would like to increase your skill set and maximise your employability as a Legal Secretary, look no further than AH Paralegal Training. The AH Paralegal Practical Skills course is short and intensive, taking place over three to four days in London, Manchester, Birmingham or Bristol.

Benefits of Attending the Course