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Career and Commitment

How committed are you to having a career you absolutely love?

Your level of commitment plays a key role in the process of creating a fulfilling career.  When people are undercommitted to their careers, they tend to get lousy results.  When they get clear about what they want and commit themselves to creating it, however long it takes, they usually get there in some fashion.

Action reveals commitment

10 Ways to Stay Motivated When Job Hunting in Law

Receiving rejection letters, emails and phone calls can be a tough part of the job-hunting process. Worse still are those days of hearing nothing at all, even when you’ve slogged over countless application forms. But try your best to fight despondency. Now is the time for inner strength and renewed energy. To keep on track until your ideal NQ solicitor, paralegal or legal secretary job is in the bag, it’s vital to stay focused and positive.

When Are We Allowed to Record Conversations?

During a recent Diploma evening class, I was asked when it was allowed to record someone. This led to a discussion about whether it was illegal to record someone without their knowledge and if it was possible to use these recordings in a court of law. As we were studying the English legal system generally and would later in the course be considering the disclosure of evidence in civil court, I tried to give an answer off the top of my head.

Legal Jobs: The Must-Have Skill Set

Legal jobs take multiple forms, but the skills needed to excel are the same for any position in law.

Legal Executive Apprenticeships

Does it come as a surprise to you that legal apprenticeships exist? There are a good number of ways in which you could complete a legal apprenticeship, and for many people this may be preferable to following a LLB law degree route.

Is the Inheritance Tax Threshold to Be Raised to £1 Million?

Are you getting a sense of déjà vu here? Haven’t we heard this promise somewhere before? Yes to both of these questions: indeed, the Conservative Party used this enticement in their manifesto for the General Election back in 2010.

Shortcut Keys for Faster Outlook Use

Most of our readers will spend a lot of time working with Microsoft Outlook as it is probably the most widely used mail and calendar client in organisations today. Here are some helpful keyboard shortcuts to lessen the time you spend in your Outlook in-box.


1. Open the address book with the ‘to’ field selected: ALT + .

2. Open the address book with the ‘bcc’ field selected: ALT + B

3. Move to the subject field: ALT + J

Do You Have a Good Telephone Manner?

The skill to portray a good telephone manner is definitely one of the most important to your role in working as a Legal Secretary or PA. How you come across on the telephone affects the professionalism of your firm and, therefore, its reputation.


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