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The Benefits of Studying from Home

Studying with the Institute of Legal Secretaries and PAs can be done by distance learning from home. This facility allows you to be in complete control of your time. With most people now having a computer and Internet access, taking a distance learning course is becoming a very popular way to study. 

You Can Start Your Course at Any Time of Year

Should Rape Suspects Be Entitled to Anonymity?

The anonymity of rape suspects has been debated recently, and in light of the Michael Le Vell case, questions have been asked by legal representatives. The press coverage of this particular case has highlighted more than ever that rape suspects and anonymity is a problem. 

Proofreading Tips

As a Legal Secretary or PA, you may be required to proofread a document before it is sent out. This means checking it over carefully yourself or reading it out loud with someone else who also has a copy. You may even be asked to just look something over for someone. If you are given a proofreading task, it is useful to know some tips, as it can be easy to read the body of the text quickly and not notice small, but important, errors.

Is Your CV Grammar Letting You Down?

It’s official – employers have zero patience when it comes to CV grammar and spelling. When asked, ‘What is the biggest turn-off for you to see on a candidate’s CV?’ the top answer employers gave was poor grammar and spelling mistakes, according to a recent survey. Recruitment consultancy Nicoll Curtin asked 550 companies, and a massive 65 percent pointed to CV errors as their ultimate bugbear.

Influences on Parliamentary Law-Making

This month we are doing something a little different and looking at the big picture so far as English law is concerned. This is something that is covered in the first unit of the Legal Secretary Diploma so that students can get a good grasp of how English laws are created. By knowing something about the ‘big’ picture, you are showing an interest in the same thing that intrigues many lawyers.

Tougher Legislation Needed for Online Trolls and Bullies

The topic of online trolls and bullies is hot news at the moment, but it’s also been around for some time. The tragic death of Hannah Smith has highlighted this issue and brought to the attention of parents and other people that while online media has its benefits, it hides a dark flaw and allows people to abuse and bully. Unfortunately many people clearly feel that nothing can or will be done to prevent such overt abuse.

The Value of Flexitime: Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

Do you have a need for flexitime? It’s an issue for people working across all industries – particularly women with families – and here at Douglas Scott Legal Recruitment we believe that the introduction of flexitime could improve staff attraction and retention in law firms. Earlier this year, when extended family-related leave came into force in the UK, Douglas Scott carried out a study which revealed that almost half of legal employees would like flexitime.

The Relocation of ILSPA’s Head Office

ILSPA’s head office is now based in the heart of Devon within the beautiful grounds of Dartington Hall Estate. We have had the opportunity to expand to a fantastic office suite in a setting which is inspiring and peaceful. It is very much a contrast to the busy London environment we operated from previously, but we feel that it is a positive move which has encouraged productivity and motivation within the company. 


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