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The Increase of Litigants in Person

We recently saw massive changes in the way legal aid works in England and Wales. In a bid to cut legal aid budgets by over £350 million pounds a year, the Government have made several changes to the system and cut the availability of legal aid to a variety of civil as well as criminal law cases.

Staying Motivated During Your Studies

It is quite common to find yourself getting more interested in some parts of a course and struggling with certain other areas. Even if the course seems perfect for you, there may be some parts of the syllabus that you simply do not find as interesting as some other aspects of the course material. For instance, with the Legal Secretaries Diploma, you may find yourself more interested in specific areas of the law and less able to focus on other areas of study. 

Regent’s College Becomes a University

We have been running our Legal Secretaries Diploma course at Regent’s College in Regent’s Park for over 10 years and find it to be an excellent venue for our Students. The college recently became Regent’s University, after it received confirmation from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills that it met the criteria for a university title. 

Douglas Scott to Judge Legal Secretary of the Year

Douglas Scott Legal Recruitment is helping to judge the inaugural Legal Support Staff Awards, which have been organised by GEM Legal Training and will take place at Bolton De Vere White’s hotel in September 2013.

Changes to Consumer Law Concerning Digital Content

This month we had one of the highlights of the parliamentary year, the Queen’s Speech. This is the official announcement of what new laws the government plans to introduce in the year ahead. One proposal that stood out was a change to the protection available when you purchase faulty digital content online.

A Chance to Share Your Legal Secretary Role on Film

CareersINFO produce careers job profile films for young people and are looking to create film content for their online careers resource Skills Explorer: Skills Explorer gives users a chance to explore their skills and career options through videos.

Three Useful Tips for MS Word

This month I thought I would share a few tips for MS Word that will save you time and hopefully stop you from pulling your hair out on those days when you just can’t make Word do what you want it to.

Comparing documents in MS Word

Is Law Fair?

On the whole it is, although some peculiar situations come up sometimes, and I am going to recount three of them to you!

R v Collins [1972] 2 All ER 1105 

One summer’s evening, a Friday in 1972, a 19-year-old, blond, good-looking chap had been out on his own to a local pub in Colchester, Essex. Little did he know, as he downed several pints of beer, that before the night was out he would become the lead player in a case that subsequently went from the Essex Assizes, where he was convicted of burglary with intent to commit rape contrary to s.9 (1)(a) of the Theft Act 1968, to the Court of Appeal Criminal Division where his conviction was quashed (R v Collins [1972] 2 All ER 1105). The Assize Courts, by the way, were disbanded at the end of 1972 by The Courts Act 1971 and replaced by the Crown Court.


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