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Legal PA of the Year Awards 2012

On Wednesday 14 November, ILSPA co-sponsored and attended the Legal PA of the Year Awards 2012, which was hosted by Strictly Legal – a globally operating recruitment agency based in London. The awards ceremony took place at McQueen in Shoreditch, which won an award itself for being London’s best bar in 2010.

Keeping Up to Date with Changes in Law

Education does not lie outside society. One can learn from life experiences, whether you are learning physics, mathematics, music, art, the social sciences, law or any other subject. We live in a time when information is more accessible than ever before, and using this to your advantage is an important and useful study skill. 

How to Provide a Conveyancing Quotation

Over the past couple of months, we have looked at renewable energies and how they affect the conveyancing process. In each article, we have mentioned that these renewable energies are to be kept in mind when providing an estimate of fees to your client. 

Don’t Get Mad – Get eDiscovery!

 “King’s letters could be musings of a mad man” read the headline in Monday’s Metro (19 November 2012). 

What followed was a story describing how scientists at the University of London will attempt to analyse the letters of King George III using technology to look for patterns of words that might give some indication as to his state of mind at the time of writing. The idea of looking for relationships between words struck me as a familiar one.

Changes Coming to the Will Writing and Probate Market

 “Making a will is something everyone should do. It is one of the most important actions that individuals take. We should be able to have confidence in those who advise and draft documents for us.” This advice came earlier this year from Mr David Edmonds, Chairman of the Legal Services Board (LSB).

A Lawyer’s Interesting and Embarrassing Experiences - Part 1

Many people think that lawyers are dull fellows (or Fellows) and picture them wading through dusty tomes in dusty offices with quill pens in hand and sour expressions on their sour faces. Not a bit of it! (Although, I must admit, I can think of one firm of Solicitors in a smallish town in Devon, not a million miles away from Exeter, that does not seem to have been able to dig itself out of the Dickensian past – but they are an exception.)

The Long-Awaited Protection for Burgled Homeowners

At long last, the Government has recognised the fact that the vast majority of the population are looking for a much higher level of protection when it comes to confronting intruders during a burglary. Perhaps now we will be less likely to be identified as criminals simply for protecting our loved ones and belongings.

Study Matrimonial, Civil Partnership and Family Proceedings Law

The Institute of Legal Secretaries and PAs features a range of single-subject legal courses which are designed to provide you with a good understanding of one specific area of law. Whether you are already working within a certain area of law and want to advance your knowledge, or you would like to secure a position in an area that interests you, ILSPA’s single-subject legal courses are the perfect way to focus on exactly what you want to learn in order to have a successful career.  


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