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The Green Deal

Following the Energy Act 2011, a new government initiative known as the Green Deal is due to become active on 1 October 2012. This is designed to install new green technology into homes without the owner having to pay an upfront cost. Instead, the costs are paid back through your energy bill over a period of time.

New National Awards Scheme Recognises Vital Role of Legal PAs

Every year scores of awards are up for grabs for Lawyers and HR teams but never for Legal PAs or Secretaries. This has now changed! One of the UK’s leading legal Secretarial and PA agencies, Strictly Legal, has launched the inaugural Legal PA of the Year Awards. The process offers a unique opportunity to recognise the vital role that Legal PAs and Managers play in the industry. 

Is the Death Penalty for Police Killers Fair?


Following the tragic and shocking murders of two policewomen in Greater Manchester – Fiona Bone and Nicola Hughes – that old debate of whether capital punishment should be brought back has been reignited for the murder of police personnel. Aside from a small number of sick people who decided to pay tribute to the killer through social media sites, the vast majority of the population of the country were shocked to the core when this terrible news reached their ears.

Health and Nutrition Can Improve Your Studies

 One of the biggest concerns for anyone studying a course is finding the time and motivation to commit to it. This is easier for some people than others, depending on a number of different aspects which are prevalent in your life. One of these aspects is having a good diet and being healthy. 

Don’t Try to Manage Time, Manage Your Activities

You can’t really “manage” time, which is why I’m not the biggest fan of the term “time management”. I use it only – and then only very reluctantly – because that’s the term most people are familiar with.

But in actuality, the only thing you can control is what you do with your time; you’re really managing your activities, not your time.

This may seem like a silly distinction, but this small shift in thinking can profoundly and positively affect your productivity. 

Broader Definitions for the Classification of Domestic Violence

 When you think about how domestic violence was perceived in this country only a few decades ago, it is shocking to acknowledge just how blasé society was in general. In fact, to some degree, it appears to have been regarded as the norm, and this would have represented one of the harshest injustices of the time.

Will New Dog Laws Finally Protect Postal Workers?

New legislation has recently come into effect regarding the punishment of dangerous dogs and their owners. The new guidelines outlined by the legislation serve a dual function. Firstly, they seek to guide the courts in making consistent, strict and fair judgments when it comes to dangerous dog attacks; secondly, they are designed so that these judgments act as a deterrent against further dog attacks. However, who is the legislation really meant to serve and protect?

The Purpose and Procedure for Making Oaths and Affirmations

Once you’ve taken the Oath or given an Affirmation in Court you are legally obliged to be completely honest. If you’re caught out lying you can be charged with perjury, contempt of Court or even perverting the course of justice. Lying under oath can be both a criminal and a civil offence. The punishment could include a fine and/or a jail sentence, depending on what effect the lie has.


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