Wikipedia Law Portal

Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia which is written collaboratively by volunteers from all around the world. It's name is a blend of words – wiki (a collborate website) and encyclopedia. Since its creation in 2001 it has grown to be one of the largest reference websites on the Internet. The Law Portal of Wikipedia is informative and extremely useful for Legal Secretaries and PAs who would like to learn more about law and legal issues.

The main page features a definition of law with information on legal subjects, legal systems, legal theory, and legal institutions. There are selected legal articles, cases and statutes which you can read and biographys on important people in legal history. You can also keep up to date with the latest legal news from around the world.

Categories of law are featured on the main page with information on Criminal law, Contract law, Tort law, Equity, International law, Civil law, Common law, Statutory law, Case law, Business law, Employment law, Family law, Intellectual Property, Courts, Court Systems, Landmark Cases and Legal Citations, to name but a few! There is also a 'Did you know' section where you can learn about court orders such as the Anton Pillar Order and famous cases in legal history.

Every article written on Wikipedia provides links to associated articles so you can read about related subjects. Wikipedia allows you to edit or add to articles so you can contribute your legal knowledge to the site if you think it is relevant. This must be done within Wikipedia's editing policies, to an appropriate standard and there are other editors around to advise or correct errors. If you are interested in being involved then take a look at 'Wikiprojects' and 'Things You Can Do' to see specific areas that are in need of work.

If you have not discovered this outstanding website yet then we highly recommend that you take a look. Members who have an avid interest in law and Students who would like information to complement their studies will find it particularly useful. There is a wealth of all kinds of interesting information you can find through Wikipedia such as current events, arts, history, science and technology.