Google Chrome Extensions to Enhance Your Internet Research

These days pretty much everyone who does some sort of research as part of their job makes extensive use of the Internet to find information. Keeping track of bookmarks and quoted text and managing passwords for multiple forums and research sites can become quite a chore. Here are SOME extensions you can install on the Google Chrome browser to make your work a little easier.

Yellow Highlighter

Back in the day when most research was still done by poring over photocopies of books from a reference library, the humble yellow highlighter pen was our greatest friend. These days, however, we work with HTML pages on the Internet, and it would seem that the trusty highlighter has been tossed out. The Yellow Highlighter extension changes that by allowing you to highlight any area of a web page and save those highlights. You can also share your highlighted pages by copying a link and sending the highlighted page to a colleague or friend.

Last Pass Password Manager

If you use a lot of different forums, sites and services and also have a different password for each of them, you should consider using a password manager. Last Pass not only works as a Chrome extension but can also synchronise between different devices and computers. You can keep all your passwords synced between your office PC, your Mac at home, and your Android or iOS-based tablets and phones.

Stashmarks Bookmarking Service

Bookmarking pages is essential for every researcher; however, bookmarks can get messy quickly. Stashmarks solves this problem by making them searchable and tagable, with the added bonus of backing them up for you. Stashmarks is in private beta, but you can get an invite by signing up for one.

Bookmark Sentry

Stashmarks is easily supplemented with Bookmark Sentry. Bookmark Sentry keeps track of your bookmarks and keeps them in order by deleting duplicates and broken links.


With ebook readers flying off the shelves at bargain rates, it is quite likely that you may want to store an entire web page in an ebook reader-friendly format. The DotEPUB extension will turn any web page into an ebook reader-friendly format. You can choose from the open standard EPUB format or the widely used Kindle format. This is great for those who want to continue their research while taking the bus or train home.