April 2012

Achieving Personal Objectives

Avhieving ObjectivesDo you need to stretch yourself more in terms of development?  Do you wish you could achieve more?  Do you sometimes feel stuck in a rut?  Set yourself some personal objectives to achieve.  To help you achieve them, here are the top ten tips, including the SMART model:

Legal Regulations for Cosmetic Surgeries

Cosmetic SurgeryWe live in the age of images and illusions, where two-dimensional airbrushed images of perfect men and women flash before our eyes constantly, whether it is on TV screens, on billboards or in magazines. As image and external appearance are perceived to be more and more important in our society, it is not surprising that cosmetic surgery is more popular today than ever before.

How to Effectively Control Your Emotions

Control Your EmotionsThe typical work life of Legal Secretaries or Legal PAs, especially those working with top executives, is very challenging, time constraining and full of trying relationships often resulting from conflicts of interest.  Universally, it is believed that ineffective communication, unhealthy competition, personality clashes, conflicting interests, jealousy, time constraints and unclarified assumptions are the major causes of conflict.  Often

Mind Your (Body) Language

Words are only a very small part of communication.  While you are saying the words, your body may well be saying something else.  Or even if you don’t say anything, your body language will still have said it for you!  So here are the top ten tips to help you get your message across in the way you intend:

Will Tougher Legislation Help to Prevent the UK Binge Drinking Culture?

The imposition of the minimum 40p charge on a unit of alcohol in England has garnered mixed reactions. Some say this along with the rest of the proposed ‘Responsibility Deal’ is a sham and will do nothing to actually curb the so-called drinking epidemic or to improve public health. The more optimistic ones feel that it is a start and it is regulations like these that can help sort out the problem. But what exactly is the problem?