August 2011

Building New or Improved Skills from Your Role Models

Role ModelsIf you want to build or improve skills for yourself generally and for your career development in particular, here is an exercise sometimes known as the “shoe-stepping exercise” which is well worth using. By tapping into your own experience and observations you can select behaviours and strengths which you admire in others and learn to cultivate them yourself.

Google Tricks for Finding Useful Information

Google is the most popular Internet search engine used today. It indexes the greatest number of search pages and provides a free service for people to search this index in less than a second. In addition to providing easy access to billions of web pages, Google has many features that can help you find exactly what you’re looking for, which can be very useful when trying to find information at work or if you are working as a PA for your boss.

Should Squatting Be Criminalised?

The coalition government has recently announced that there will be a brief consultation period over the prospect of criminalising squatting in England. This has brought a very controversial subject to the table for deliberation, and we are already tending to notice how strong opinions are from each side of this argument.

The Frightening Statistics for the Validity of Wills

Following a mystery shopping exercise and report from Dr Dianne Hayter (Chair of the Legal Services Consumer Panel), some extraordinary and frightening statistics have emerged regarding the validity of wills – be this through a will writing service or even a Solicitor – all types of providers are often supplying a totally substandard service in this regard.

Delivering an Assertive Message

Deliver an Assertive MessageHow many times have you bitten your tongue recently and then afterwards beaten yourself up for not saying what you thought? Or maybe you said what you thought, only you wished you hadn’t. Delivering a message assertively takes confidence and practice. And the more practice you get, the more your confidence grows, helping you develop the skill of assertiveness. So here are the top ten tips to help you deliver an assertive message:

Interpersonal Communication

nterpersonal COmmunicationThe most effective communicators use a style that can change on each occasion and be adapted for each individual. This brings out the best in everyone, especially if you are a manager or team leader. These skills need continual practice and fine-tuning until they become a natural response which is seen by others as appropriate across a wide range of situations. So here are the top ten tips to help you: