March 2008

Chancel Repair Liability

A mediaeval law resurrected?Chancel

Chancel repair liabilities date back to mediaeval times, when wealthy land owners maintained churches. Until recently, chancel repair liabilities was a relatively low key and misunderstood area of conveyancing that troubled few conveyancers much less members of the public.

Creating an Agenda

creating an agendaIn order to use valuable time effectively during a meeting it is crucial that you have a well-prepared agenda. An agenda helps the chairperson to stick to time and lead the meeting successfully. It also helps participants to prepare as they can see when they will be involved. Finally, it is of great benefit to the minute taker as they can see what will be discussed, the aim of each item and the priority given to it.

A Legal Secretary - Half a Century Ago

old timesIn 1957, I left school at the age of 16 after achieving excellent results in the RSA examinations in Typewriting, Shorthand and Commerce. I was also awarded a prize for the best shorthand student of the year. I dreamt of being on stage or a TV scriptwriter (yes, we had TV in 1957!) - anything in show business - but in those days these kind of jobs were virtually impossible to get into.

The Members Forum

Just 15 years ago, before everyone in the world was permanently wired into the river of information we call the Internet, if you wanted to keep abreast of the latest developments in your field or hobbies, you would have to subscribe to an assortment of specialist magazines and papers. There were also libraries where people would go to get their hands on any kind of information they happened to need.


Assertiveness is a life skill; useful both inside and outside work. However, the reactions and behaviours we employ now are the result of years of fine tuning. Being assertive doesn’t happen overnight, but the more practice you get, the more skilled you become. And while you may not always get what you want, you will always know you gave it your best. So here are the top ten tips for improving your assertive behaviour: