When and How to Say 'Enough'

It is not unusual these days for people to use “bad” language, personal insults andsay enough belittling phrases when they are frustrated, under pressure themselves, or don’t feel things are being done quickly enough. This especially happens at the telephone where a caller’s verbal attack can be highly offensive and may overstep acceptable and manageable boundaries of anger. So here are the top ten tips for handling verbal aggression on the telephone:

Job Search Skills

Job Search SkillsIf you are intending to do more than just browse through the job adverts in the paper or the employment agencies’ websites and you really feel motivated to find a new job, then you need an effective plan and ten top tips for success in your job search.

E-mail Essentials

One of e-mail’s greatest benefits is that you can communicate quickly and easily withemail essentials just about anybody. However, one of its biggest challenges is that we think we can write quickly and easily without checking. As a result, our e-mail is often badly composed, too long or too brief, contains spelling and grammatical errors and even goes to the wrong person if we pressed the wrong button too quickly!

Managing Your Boss

manage your bossHow to build a productive and mutually beneficial relationship with your manager

Your manager is the single biggest factor in determining whether your working life is a joy or a misery. It is often said that people do not quit organisations, they quit bosses.

Common Will Problems - Part Two

Witnessing and Execution of Wills - How to avoid disappointing theCommon will problems beneficiaries

In the second of a series of articles which look at best practice tips we will consider how simple administrative errors in the witnessing and execution of Wills can give rise to negligence claims against legal practices.

Witnessing a Will

A Virtually Perfect Partnership for Legal Secretaries

The ever-increasing rate of technological advances means that we can access information and communicate with each other at the touch of a button, 24 hours a day. This round-theclock and remote or online access opens up a world of possibilities for those of us involved in a full-time career, who perhaps want to expand our skill set, enhance our ability to perform in a current role or are thinking of starting our own business.

Improving Profile and Visability

In a perfect world, people would judge us by results and the quality of our work.Improve your profile However, life isn't perfect. People who work hard and are loyal can be overlooked for promotion or pay rises – while those doing a good PR job on themselves tend to be thanked and appreciated more often.

So here are the top ten tips to get yourself noticed:

Developing the Secretarial Role

The secretarial role is constantly evolving and will continue to do so. Ratios are changing fast, while technology and PC-literate managers are making in-roads into the traditional tasks of a secretary. Keeping up to date with technology is vital although it is probably the easy bit. The harder part is developing the role so that you are more valuable: this requires thought, determination and planning. So here are the top ten tips to help you do this:

Are you HIP to the change?

Home Information PacksHow the Home Information Packs (HIPs) will affect the house-buying process in England & Wales

As of the 1st of June 2007 there will be a revolution in the way that we buy and sell homes. It has taken seven years of uncertainty but the Home Information Packs (HIPs for short) will become an integral part of the home-buying process, with the packs being a mandatory condition for putting a property on the market.

Managing Your Career Effectively

We all have things that we want from our work. It maybe a promotion, more jobManage your career satisfaction or just getting on better with the person at the next desk. Some people achieve job satisfaction without seeming to put in much effort. Their secret is that they have developed several key personal skills that help them to get what they want. In this article we will consider two of the most important skills that will help you to manage your career.

Professional Telephone Skills

Telephone SkillsWe have probably answered the telephone hundreds, or even thousands, of times so far in our working lives and this may mean we have adopted many bad habits, even answering the telephone on "autopilot". (If you have ever answered your home telephone as if you were at work, you're on autopilot!) So review your behaviour against the following top ten tips, and resolve to change any of your inappropriate habits.

1. Breathe before you answer. This may sound obvious perhaps, but you'd be surprised at how many people answer their telephone in a rush and so create a negative first impression.

The Art of Effective Negotiation

From heated discussions with your partner about whose turn it is to do the washing up, to salary reviews with your employer the ability to negotiate is a skill relevant to most areas of our lives. Negotiation is the process of bargaining to reach a deal, but what makes a good negotiator? Often we are so closely involved in day-to-day negotiations that we can not see the wood for the trees.

Key skills of a good negotiator

The Importance of a Good CV

A Good CVYour CV is the first chance you get to make a good impression on a potential employer. A top-quality CV will considerably boost your chance of getting a face-to-face interview, so it is worth spending time and effort on the content and presentation. It will make all the difference in obtaining the position you want. You must therefore highlight your skills, expertise and value.

For The Times They Are Changing

Old Type WriterI have worked in offices for quite a number of years, starting in the 1960's! I have seen quite a number of changes over the years, particularly with machinery.... now this will really show my age!




Stencil Machine
Telex Machine
Hand Delivery or Royal Mail Post


Reform of Company Law

The long awaited reform of company law was finally ushered in when the Company Law Reform Bill received Royal assent on 8 November 2006 becoming The Companies Act 2006. At 1300 sections it can boast of being the largest Act that Parliament has ever passed!

Wikipedia Law Portal

Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia which is written collaboratively by volunteers from all around the world. It's name is a blend of words – wiki (a collborate website) and encyclopedia. Since its creation in 2001 it has grown to be one of the largest reference websites on the Internet.

The Theft Act

The Theft ActA blow for clarity within the criminal law has finally been struck by the Fraud Act 2006. This came into force on January 15 2007, heralding sweeping reform of offences that previously stood under The Theft Act’s 1968 and 1978.