An Interview With Charlotte Moon - From ILSPA Student to Senior Caseworker

When Charlotte Moon enrolled for ILSPA’s Legal Secretaries Diploma course in 2011, she knew that she wanted a career in law but probably never imagined that one day she would be opening up her own department in a law firm. Charlotte in now a Senior Caseworker specialising in Family Law and has just completed her Level 6 Law and Practice Diploma. If you are wondering what progression is available for a Legal Secretary, then Charlotte’s story is a real eye-opener.

How did you find your studies with ILSPA?

Common Microsoft Excel Skills

There are a number of skills which you will need whilst using Microsoft Office Excel. Spread sheets are a useful tool and used regularly by office staff including Legal Secretaries. Spread sheets are especially helpful in tracking the progress of different processes and make the information readily available in one place, rather than having to check databases or paper files separately. This article provides step-by-step instructions for some of the most commonly used tools so that you can master these skills.

Please note that the majority of law firms currently use Microsoft Office 2010. We have therefore based our advice on this version of the program. You may find that your version differs slightly, however the directions should be similar.

Formating cells

Judicial Review Challenge to the use of Facial Recognition

On the Legal Secretaries Diploma course, one of the first topics that is studied is judicial review. This is a process that allows the courts to review the legality of actions taken by public authorities. Although nearly 2,500 judicial review cases reach the court every year, there are only a handful which really highlight how the process protects the rights of the individual against the state. This month we are considering one of these rare examples with the case brought by Ed Bridges, who has taken the South Wales police to court for their use of facial recognition technology.

Legal Secretary Vacancies July 2019

Here is a selection of vacancies from our Legal Secretary Jobs Board this month: 

Senior Secretary - Coodes

Location: Liskeard

Salary: £16,250 - £18,000

Coodes LLP is one of the leading law firms in Cornwall and Devon and the longest established firm in the region.

Experience of legal secretarial work is highly desirable ideally in a Family and or criminal law setting but training will be provided for the right candidate who can demonstrate the requisite skills.

Candidates must have excellent skills in client relations, record keeping and IT (Microsoft Office), be capable of prioritising work and using initiative to achieve objectives, transcribing digital dictation accurately and quickly.

The Importance of Legal Secretaries in the Digital Age

The role of legal secretaries has changed over the years, and with technological advances and increasing pressures on legal firms to cut costs, the role of the legal secretary is becoming more important than ever. Legal secretaries now have a much broader skillset, and are often key to streamlining processes and saving costs, making them an integral asset to any legal firm. 

In this blog, Faith Kelly, legal recruitment specialist at Sellick Partnership, explores what makes legal secretaries so important, and why they are still a much needed support network for successful lawyers. 

Much more than just a secretary  

The Benefits of ILSPA’s Social Media Platforms

In the past few years, social media has grown to be a huge part of our everyday lives. The majority of people will use at least one of the most popular platforms. However, it is not just individuals who are active on them – companies are too. Social media has moved beyond purely entertainment. It is now a vital tool for job seekers, students, employers and professionals. We wanted to take a moment to explain the uses and benefits of each of the main social media platforms that you can follow ILSPA on. 


Negligence Update – The Duty of Care Principle

One of the areas studied within ILSPA’s Legal Secretaries Diploma course is the law of negligence. This month we will be considering how the law in this area has developed and highlight some recent changes to the law on when a duty of care is owed.  

 The 1930s approach – “Love thy neighbour”  

Ever since the case of Donoghue v Stevenson in 1932 created the law of negligence, the test to prove that a defendant has been negligent has been a simple 3-part formula:-  

1) The claimant must be owed a duty;  

2) That duty must be breached; and  

3) The breach must cause the damage.  

This test is sometimes referred to as the “neighbour principle” and its creator, Lord Atkin, broadly based the principle on the biblical concept of treating your neighbour as you would like to be treated.  

Becoming A Legal Virtual Assistant: Is It Right For You? 

A career as a virtual assistant is one that requires an entrepreneurial spirit, patience and expertise in a specific field. If you are thinking about becoming a legal virtual assistant, you must be prepared to handle a wide range of tasks from a remote location. With the right client, the work of a virtual assistant can be fulfilling, while providing great flexibility during the workday. 

What Is a Legal Virtual Assistant? 

An Interview with Leah Taylor - New Legal Secretary at Clifford Chance

When Leah Taylor decided to finally pursue her goal of becoming a Legal Secretary, the first thing she did was enrol on ILSPA’s Legal Secretaries Diploma course. Upon completion of her qualification, Leah secured a fantastic role at Clifford Chance. We caught up with her to find out all about her new position; how she secured the job and how she is using the knowledge and skills gained through the Diploma in her work.  

What did you do prior to studying to become a Legal Secretary? 

I worked for a business travel management company. My main role was to provide administrative assistance, but I also carried out a few other duties including covering reception and PA assistance for the Managing Director. 

A Guide to Practical Assessments

Course providers will often use different methods to assess a student’s understanding of the course they are studying. Some courses may have exams, whereas others will use coursework. Practical Assessments are a type of coursework, and this article aims to answer some of the most common questions about them.

ILSPA’s Legal Secretaries Diploma is a vocational qualification, and as such it aims to teach the skills and knowledge required to allow graduates to enter employment upon completion of the course. The coursework is therefore made up of achievement tests to assess your knowledge and Practical Assessments to assess your application of this knowledge to a specific set of documents.

What are Practical Assessments?