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How to Gain Audio Typing Skills

How to gain audio typing skillsLegal Secretaries hold a wealth of professional skills which enable them to perform their role.  Audio Typing is one of them and it can be very beneficial to learn. Although it is not always required for legal secretarial positions, you will give yourself better job prospects if you learn this useful skill.

Audio typing involves typing a letter or document from an audio recording made by another person, such as your boss. This is called a dictation. Legal Secretaries Diploma Students will be familiar with this word, as some of the assessments are examples of dictations that can be given to you in a legal environment. It used to be common for dictations to be made on micro cassettes and played through a Dictaphone, but these days they can be recorded through electronic files or CDs.

To be a competent audio typist, you need to be able to operate audio equipment and touch type at a fast speed so that you can follow the recording and keep your eyes on the monitor.

As a trainee Legal Secretary, you may wonder where you can acquire audio typing skills, especially as the Institute does not provide a course in this area. Well, there are some reputable companies that can provide you with the training you need and we would like to recommend the following:

Pitman Training

The Audio Transcription course offered by Pitman Training can be taken at two levels from beginner to advanced. You will learn how to operate audio-transcribing equipment and transcribe sentences, paragraphs, business memos, correspondence and reports, as well as how to handle spelling errors and words which sound the same. You can work at your own pace, choose your own hours and receive help from their course advisors. Pitman Training has branches throughout the country.


Souters is based in London and specialises in business and office skills training. Their audio typing course will help you achieve a touch typing speed of over 45 wpm and be competent in using the latest digital audio equipment. This is a very flexible course where you can choose your own hours. You can use the equipment at their centre any time when it is open so that you can fit your training around other commitments.

It is also worth enquiring at your local college to see whether they run a suitable course. For example, Lewis Secretarial and Computer College provides an OCR Level 2 Diploma in Text Processing, which includes audio transcription as well as other useful skills such as mail merging and document presentation.

Good luck in finding a course that’s right for you and acquiring the skills to be a sought-after Legal Secretary.


I read your article in "Dedicated" about audio typing - there are some free dictations which are for stenography on the Web, but if people have a means of playing the recording back and forward they could be used for audio practice. "Stenocourtreporting.blogspot" is quite a good site with links to a number of audio recordings and although it does not itself post dictations has some links to dictations online (there is some duplication with the stenocourtreporting.blogspot but, hey, it's free resources!!!!!

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